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CJ City Of Sedlön

Palphanx's City of Industry.

  1. Welcome

    Sorry for the not so grand entrance, Welcome to Sedlön! This is one of the cities I actually managed to bring back from the great crash of CitiesXL, and I will post more updates (weekly)(hopefully). The shot here is from the east, showing Mazon and Downtown across the river. The two are only connected through HW -N64- Taddey River Bridge, which carries a few hundred thousand commuters a day.
    A more in-depth look at the current traffic situation, Mazon on the bottom, Sedlön on the top. as said before, the Bridge itself is the major throughput.
    immediately to the right, is HW -264- which basically connects Fruner Island and the small eastern towns of Pazner, Orange, Mezuni, and Gunmetal, and begins from HW -96- and terminates at -N64-.
    HW -264- Close up heading southwest towards downtown and to -N64-.
    That's All for this early edition! Thanks for looking!
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