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CJ City of Theide

A city divided between the rich and the poor.

  1. vallamir
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Hello everyone ! After some preview in the "media" section, here it is the city journal of the city of Theide.

    Introduction :

    The city of Theide is located in Mandelsy. This country is part of the world GC and it is the world poorest country. In this country there are several cities. The biggest one is the city of Theide. It's not the political capital of the country but it's the economic hearth. Theide count about 10 Million inhabitants.
    Theide has a big port witch is the first port of Mandelsy and one of the main port of the Peacksburg detroit (the sea on the West of Mandelsy).
    Theide is also a very interesting city in term of urbanism. In Mandelsy, there are two main communities : the Mandelouites and the Génouites. The Mandelouites are, in majority, richer, well educate, and have more power than the Génouites. However the Génouites are more numerous than the Mandelouites. These communities are in conflict since many years. As a result there are only few cities where the both communities live side by side. Theide is one of these city.
    Theide is divided in two main parts. On the islands there is the richest part where the Mandelouites live. In those island everything is clean and well kept. There are also many services and it's the touristic part of the city. To sum up it's like our european cities. About 1 million people live on these islands. The other part, on the continents is inhabited by 9 Million persons. This part is very different. There are large slum areas. The buildings are in poor conditions, the roads are very damage and the services are not very developped. As you may have understand there are two cities in one. One witch is the display of the city and the other witch is the shadow city. This situation is supposed to end in 2020 with the complete destruction of the slums and the buildings of over 2 Millions flat. The aim is to rehouse about 3.8 Million people.
    These new districts will be cross by new public transportation. Nowadays there are three subway line. Nine are plan and three monorail lines will build before 2020.
    In september 2015, Theide was elected as the hosted city for the Olympics Games of the World GC (further information about this subject will come soon). It's a great opportunity for this city to modernise its infrastructures and to renovate some parts of the city.

    Some Pictures :

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    More pictures on the imgur album : [Cities XXL] Ville de Theide

    I hope you enjoy this city ;)
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Recent Updates

  1. Big cinematic video and update

Recent Reviews

  1. teddiursa00
    Super like the waterfront!!!
  2. Myname
    Looks great ! I hope you'll build a new olympic complex as amazing than the older one ! :D
  3. lennon77
    Buena idea para el hipodromo. Me gusta la zona olimpica
  4. Marc Zandecki
    Marc Zandecki
    The city is to much planned. There is now organic development. Looks like Brasilia capital of Brazil
  5. ailo
    where did you get those slum houses? i need them!
  6. kipate
    Wonderful Creation!
    Love the part of the City for the Olympics, and the Slums have been placed very wisely! The City may not be fully finished, but the description part makes the 4+1=5 stars :)