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CJ City Sytan: Find What You Want Here

A heavily multifunctional city struggling to be a top class international metroplis.

  1. heonetsung
    Hey gents! I'm trying to upload my first XLN CJ across the Pacific. As a new fish, all your suggestive comments are welcome! Hope you find interesting things in this city. And, if any poor English, please forgive me and point it out. Thank you!
    This city is named as Sytan, which is short for Sung's Titan :). Let's call her S for short!
    Although map size is general 10 * 10, S needs 600km^2 to hold most of her inhabitants and further 1600km^2 to sustain an extra large amount of secondary industry. The main pillars of S include metal forging, petrochemical, machinery and vehicle manufacturing, electronic, medicine, education, finance, real estate, trading, etc. Compared to traditional big cities, S lays emphasize on both secondary and tertiary industry.
    S city wishes to be the fifth world top city after NewYork, London, Paris and Tokyo. To achieve this goal, S needs you to give opinions or check out the problems.
    Sorry I'm not that familiar with PS. The photoes are only slightly processed....


    Fellows mentioned to upload areal images. Here they are. The city plants high density buildings even on the map's edge to make up the population. So there is hardly any suburb around....

    Here are some glances at S's industry. They are not very beautiful as I'm just building them to make up the income. Some of them are big factories of the world top 500. This kinds of companies contributes greatly to the city's competitive power. Photos are not processed with PS.
    3dd8e5177f3e67092ee27ddf3fc79f3df9dc558a.jpg 7d4fbcef76c6a7ef7b509306f9faaf51f3de667e.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg 730e192ac65c103826d1d8e2b6119313b17e89c5.jpg d59cf9628535e5dd9a40d2ff72c6a7efce1b6204.jpg 1dca88c27d1ed21bc43b5bc5a96eddc450da3ffa.jpg

    Big city must have a good traffic system. Comute employment, bussiness affairs, travellers and good transporting requires a lot.
    1d5f8d8b87d6277fec58dc182c381f30e924fc23.jpg d0ceda03738da9775a65680bb451f8198618e323.jpg e9aeae025aafa40f052621fdaf64034f79f01988.jpg d9f7ae26cffc1e17d7fa62114e90f603738de92c.jpg 900b9f19ebc4b7451ade5936cbfc1e178a821522.jpg 96aa1dadcbef76099ba777bf2adda3cc7dd99ec5.jpg 56e14081800a19d8b47f6a2537fa828ba61e4674.jpg
    Raiways are just dummy. No cargoes running along....
    Main airport has over 100 jetways, one 4.5km runway to hold big transporters and other two 3km runways which can hold the largest A380. The secondary airport, which real big cities all have, just uses the default game model.
    For rail travelling, the main station has many platforms for electronic trains and one highrise platform for sight-seeing cargoes. S City also has other two stations. They are for industry delievery and commute mainly.
    S seaport has two great sections. The first includes two container loading areas, and the second applies for bulkers and shipyards. S seaport can hold big cruise ships but that is not its main feature.

    The first CBD of S. Old NYC styles. Buildings have larger walls and smaller glasses. Some even can see the bricks.
    0d838d44ad345982405763b208f431adcaef8494.jpg 29459c51f8198618a34274a44eed2e738bd4e66c.jpg ac8df939b6003af3da5c5a40312ac65c1138b68f.jpg cb84adcb39dbb6fd324a62060d24ab18972b375f.jpg
    S City History and Art Museum

    Old town, old painting....

    Main CBD: high rises and too crowded. Critical voices reveal that this introduce a bad skyline and light polution. Surpporters say this show the ambition and power of the city. Anyway, this is it....
    6c7a47600c338744229aa25c550fd9f9d72aa016.jpg ac8df939b6003af3e1bd5140312ac65c1038b66e.jpg 2c5e16f33a87e950e8137e4c14385343fbf2b46d.jpg e85020f3d7ca7bcbcb7c4a0fba096b63f624a86e.jpg

    Seashore CBD: for the land price of the main CBD is much too high and it will lead to lack of investment of foreign groups, and as well as the rising amount of trading requirment, the 3rd CBD now stands high along the beach of S City.
    0eb0dc1f3a292df5f4d02335b8315c6034a87359.jpg 40ea66ed2e738bd43c923e11a58b87d6277ff93a.jpg ac24f6b44aed2e73055a0a0c8301a18b87d6fa3a.jpg

    S City also has two commerce-bussiness-mixed CBD. But they are not very famous as CBD. People general know them as streets for buying goods!
    The first commerce street sells goods that for most of the common people. Price is low and useful for daily life.
    The second lies along the beach aside of the tourist and gumbling town and thus price is high. 010e63c2d5628535e531590194ef76c6a6ef639f.jpg

    The old city hall and the hero square now are used for documentation and sight seeing.
    New city hall and the local UN HQ. This area contains a lot of foreign institutions, ambassys and religion houses.

    How can a big city attract people? For cities like Sydney or Toronto, a good living envirment is the key. For cities like NY and Tokyo, chances for making money, getting medical attandence and education are at the top. S City is like the latter. Besides those factories, high bussiness risings and big hospitals, the colleges and universities of S City impress people the most.
    Three muskteers of multiversities of S: the 1st, 2nd and the public 3rd.
    bd21b22f070828389dc62734bc99a9014d08f1a2.jpg 33b2a613632762d062d55f9fa4ec08fa503dc682.jpg 6c5d5f8da9773912c3197f41fc198618367ae2b6.jpg
    Twin stars of science and engineering: Science and Technology University, College of Science and Engineering.
    87cb267b02087bf480cfb2c9f6d3572c11dfcf4a.jpg 22c785014c086e069b8ada6b06087bf40ad1cb4b.jpg

    Vocational School of S:

    University of Medical, as well as her subordinate hospital.

    College of Bussiness. The new triumphal arch stands for the MBA edifice.

    Tourisim sites. Besides those shown above which can attract people's eyeballs, here are some other points where you can go if travellig in S.
    0d541c4e251f95cac3547a96cd177f3e660952cf.jpg 8f901ad3d539b6009648dc97ed50352ac75cb7ef.jpg 10dc95014a90f6032f0449673d12b31bb051ed3d.jpg 67a48351f3deb48f67b74afef41f3a292cf57897.jpg 96adfbca7bcb0a466f8663196f63f6246a60afcd.jpg 2947c7c4b74543a9d7af2fec1a178a82b901143c.jpg 225057ec54e736d1fa4c5a289f504fc2d5626916.jpg a35f0d3fb80e7bec826bd6c12b2eb9389b506b38.jpg cc10be58d109b3de637e0f48c8bf6c81810a4ca8.jpg e2aedb36afc3793158b66d09efc4b74542a91196.jpg e2aedb36afc37931474c5009efc4b74543a9114c.jpg ea9117c79f3df8dccafc64b1c911728b461028af.jpg
    The area specially filled with "too many" landmarkers like Eifel, Taj, Ankor and Kremlin and so on is meant to be a world theme park for sight seeing. Otherwise, it will be strange to have some ancient building is a big mordern city:p.

    All right. I guess this is it for the time being. More detailed data is in the update but you can ignore it if you are only interested in picture seeing.
    Thanks for watching!
    kipate likes this.

Recent Updates

  1. Detailed City Data

Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    Nice city and story!
    I like the general concept of your city,
    and you filled a whole map!
    There are some flaws, notheless.
    E.g. the pylons of the motorways on roads below.
    And I personally am not such a fan of those
    totally mixed cities, you have monuments from all
    around the world there, it looks a bit inconsistent.
    But your skills with RHM and with city planning in general
    do outweigh that easily!
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comments!
      Strange, now the poor roads and the landmarks you mentioned are indeed not very lovely even from the view of myself, after I watched the CJs others post here. I guess that's something I learned and there will be surely more to cover in the future!
  2. Artmaster
    Pro's: Amazingly large and dense
    Well detailed parks/plazas/natural areas (love the star of David)
    Great interchanges and traffic designs

    Con's: Too much repetition of the same buildings in some places
    Too many historical landmarks (but looks like you had fun planning those areas, just not very immersive)
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      True. Most of the landmarks are meant to be a world-theme-park for tourists. However I guess they are not well planned with those trees or plazas.
      For duplication, I plant almost every building manually so it saves time. But they are indeed ugly QAQ.
      Anyway, thanks for the comment. I'll try to improve them.
  3. solo
    this city is mammoth, can we see some full ariel shots
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      OK, I'll try to post some later.
  4. 00030003
    Nice work bro awesome
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      Thanks, man!
  5. yandzz
    Nice work, i like your city
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Glad you like it!