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CJ City Sytan: Find What You Want Here

A heavily multifunctional city struggling to be a top class international metroplis.

  1. kipate
    Nice city and story!
    I like the general concept of your city,
    and you filled a whole map!
    There are some flaws, notheless.
    E.g. the pylons of the motorways on roads below.
    And I personally am not such a fan of those
    totally mixed cities, you have monuments from all
    around the world there, it looks a bit inconsistent.
    But your skills with RHM and with city planning in general
    do outweigh that easily!
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comments!
      Strange, now the poor roads and the landmarks you mentioned are indeed not very lovely even from the view of myself, after I watched the CJs others post here. I guess that's something I learned and there will be surely more to cover in the future!
  2. Artmaster
    Pro's: Amazingly large and dense
    Well detailed parks/plazas/natural areas (love the star of David)
    Great interchanges and traffic designs

    Con's: Too much repetition of the same buildings in some places
    Too many historical landmarks (but looks like you had fun planning those areas, just not very immersive)
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      True. Most of the landmarks are meant to be a world-theme-park for tourists. However I guess they are not well planned with those trees or plazas.
      For duplication, I plant almost every building manually so it saves time. But they are indeed ugly QAQ.
      Anyway, thanks for the comment. I'll try to improve them.
  3. solo
    this city is mammoth, can we see some full ariel shots
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      OK, I'll try to post some later.
  4. 00030003
    Nice work bro awesome
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      Thanks, man!
  5. yandzz
    Nice work, i like your city
    1. heonetsung
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Glad you like it!