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CJ Ciudad de Iluvia Hermosa

Pearl of the Orient

  1. jairien
    I am not really good at this.
    Hope you like it. :D

    Area: 86 sq km

    Official language: Chavacano
    Optional language: English, Spanish

    GDP: 2015
    -total: $87,357,606,516
    -per capita: $86,412

    cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_111.jpg

    cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_89.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_92.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_93.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_97.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_102.jpg

    Central District:
    cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_53.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_84.jpg

    Air-port and Seaport:
    cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_75.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_77.jpg

    Wealth and Traffic:
    cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_113.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_114.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_115.jpg

    At night:
    cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_33.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_40.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_42.jpg

    other photos:
    cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_31.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_48.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_52.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_55.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_56.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_58.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_64.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_66.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_68.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_72.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_73.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_74.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_85.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_86.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_87.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_106.jpg cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_107.jpg


    1. cxl_screenshot_iluvia hermosa_100.jpg
    XOUSTE and kipate like this.

Recent Updates

  1. other photos :D

Recent Reviews

  1. Inan
    Your city has a nice concept, but for my taste too much highrises and too much of this small residentail houses. It looks a bit sci-fi.
  2. Samuel Monteiro
    Samuel Monteiro
    Elegant!!!! very much!
  3. d.r.e.y
    gostei moito sua cidade e linda e moderna
    1. jairien
      Author's Response
      muchisimas gracias na appresyon na de mio cuidad.
  4. ryankoo
    Nice city, I really love the highway system.

    For this Island, I think you should focus more on the harbor.
    And, feel like you are destroying the island with hundred of high building, make it lower and build more park, do not look at population and office, look at tourism view.
    1. jairien
      Author's Response
      thank you :D. actually while im building it my focus is tourism. well i guess im not that creative :D
  5. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    Awesome! This is a great city
    1. jairien
      Author's Response
      thank you :D
  6. Anonymous
    For an island, there are quite a few skyscrapers. Also, especially in your downtown area, some of your blocks were a little too small. Other than that, nice job.
    1. jairien
      Author's Response
      thank you :D
  7. Lokentaz
    Good work. There's are cool places in this city. Kipate and Xouste are right about the skycrapers. I add there are to many alignments.
    1. jairien
      Author's Response
      thank you, what are those alignments?
    i like the way you build the city roads ,and some pics looks great!
    Maybe there are too many high buildings in your city.
    1. jairien
      Author's Response
      thank you. i'll keep that in mind
  9. kipate
    Nice work with all the little holiday resorts!
    The Highway looks also very cool, and was properly executed!
    I also like all the decorations!
    But there are too many and too tall skyscrapers for my taste.
    It would have been enough with just 5 to 10 skyscrapers
    that are at most a 150 metres tall. But just my opinion :)
    1. jairien
      Author's Response
      thanks for appreciating. i'll keep all your advice in mind.