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CJ Clairiston

Modern american city on island

  1. griffin
    The first update is here!

    Clairiston is an island city that has a focus on tourism and hightech industry.

    It started out as a small trading port in the mediteranian sea used by the romans but was abandoned when the roman empire fell.

    the population fell to 1000 people and by the 20th century there were only 500 people.

    Then it was rediscovered by the AMERICANS! during world war 2 and made into a modern american style city over the course of 50 years.

    The citizens of the city refuse to import any food because of tradition so the city will eventually max out in population because there will be no more land for farming.

    In 1999 the city decided to close down every factory to keep the island clean for tourism. This then caused huge riots and there were many casualties. The city still has no factories and the largest employers are high tech industries. because of the lack of factory jobs many lower class citizens have left the city.

    The city has only 10% lower class and has to import all manufactured goods and heavy industrial goods. This has had a huge impact on the trade and commerce in the city causing it to no longer be self sustaining as it was.

    Many call it rich mans paradise.

    The eastern coast line of clairiston
    2014-11-01_00008.jpg A look at the southern farms of clairiston. the city produces all of its own food.
    The city has 4 metro lines and about 10 bus lines as of now. there are not too many traffic problems.
    A look at the east suburbs with downtown to the left.
    This is clairiston international airport. I am currently working on developing the land around it.
    this shows the northern part of the city. it is my focus to complete this area before the next update
    The only large four way interchange in the city is located south of downtown in the mountainside neighborhood.
    Downtown clairiston is quite dense and if it were to receive a highway going through it had to be multiple layers.
    a great view of the clairiston cobras baseball stadium and downtown.
    this is the historic neighborhood of founders point. This is the spot that everything started in clairiston. It has many old world buildings and is now a tourism hotspot.
    just across the lake from downtown, fondohills neighborhood is the most vibrant neighborhood in clairiston and it is named after the street that it follows named fondo lake dr.
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Recent Updates

  1. updated north.
  2. first update

Recent Reviews

  1. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    thats alot of work, nice in general. needs major fixes
  2. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    I have no idea why but this city reminds me of sim city 3000. Pretty cool layout however. Doesn't seem bad to drive around. Maybe add more customization on your neighborhoods and really make them stick out. Great city you got going on.
  3. veija2
    Very nicely laid out city.
  4. Mrvoltura
    balanced and brilliant
  5. Radiospeed
    great.. nice island..
  6. Anonymous
    Looks well planned and thought out!
  7. cityguru
    Only one pic , can't tell you how good the work is. :(