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CJ Cluj-Napoca(under construction)

This is not a remake of the original city.I named Cluj-Napoca beceause is my hometown :)

  1. FlorinM
    Cluj-Napoca is the second biggest city in Romania and the capital of Transilvania(a region from Romania).This year Cluj-Napoca is named Europeean Youth Capital.This city is not a remake of original city Cluj-Napoca


    1. gamescreen0002.jpg
    2. gamescreen0003.jpg
    3. gamescreen0004.jpg
    4. gamescreen0005.jpg
    5. gamescreen0006.jpg
    6. gamescreen0008.jpg
    7. gamescreen0009.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    Good work, even distribution, clean layout. Also I don't mind the red bridge, I think it makes a nice center piece in this town.
  2. kipate
    Good start!
    As nicknick, I don't really like that huge red bridge,
    you should try some smaller bridge mods here!
    Also, that bridge on that hill looks quite strange,
    to be honest.
    The rest looks quite good, you try to stay consistent
    within the choice of the buildings, I like that!
    Ah, and please don't always use only those
    pink trees, we all know that those trees
    make any city look better, but maybe try to
    find other ways to decorate your city...
    E.g. have a look at the CJ of Miguel, Tayra,
    he shows nice ways to decorate a city ;)
    1. FlorinM
      Author's Response
      Thanks @kipate for this advices.That strange bridge i will delete it (is just a way to some fuel fields),anywhere this is just a beta version of my city ;).Next i will show you photos of Cluj Arena and the big casion and more aerial photos.
  3. nicknick
    Hey great start. . . i still remember Cluj from a visit years ago. . . it must have changed, probably bigger nowadays. It's a wonderful city.
    Try to adjust on some elements of real Cluj. . . i still remember it was a bit hilly. . . i still remember the square and a main avenue in the center. . . it's a great city to work with. . .
    Bridge is definitely too big, try to replace it with one of the wonderful add-ons available here. . . it's definitely out of scale and style of Cluj, i assume you recreate Regele Ferdinand?
    also go for higher analysis pictures
    Overall a great start. . . it needs some tuning. . .
    1. FlorinM
      Author's Response
      @nicknick,I haven't tried to copy the original city Cluj-Napoca but i will listen your advice about the brigde and i will change it.