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Tutorial Concepts In Making - Making Frontage Roads, sunken freeway, and custom overpasses. 1.0

Original author: lextacy_2008


    Requires toolset by lextacy_2008

    RHM2 getting boring lately? Well I have the solution for you! Lextacy Brick & Mortal Inc. proudly presents a tutorial to explain how to build sunken freeways, frontage roads, and custom overpasses all in one swoop!

    Let’s just cut to the chase and show respect by planting a few 3 lane highways to get us started

    Note from skullz613:
    The download contains the original tutorial lextacy posted on the old XLN in a PDF format and the z_lextacy_RHM2_overpassMEGApack.patch file
    The tutorial had a lot of pictures so could not be posted as it was on the old XLN