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Maps CraterLake! 1.1

CraterLake By PlayTime!

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Migrator's note: PlayTime is the original author of this mod.

    Thanks to the tutorial of funkymonks map tutorial wich is right here ---> http://xlnation.net/content/evening-funky-lets-make-map?page=9 i finaly manage to make my 1st map [​IMG] it took me 2 days of understanding everything lol and i want to share it with you guys, hope you guys like it and i will keep making more when i can Also this wont delete any of your original map this is another map added to the ones you already have, im still a noob at this xD thanks all and enjoy!
    UPDATED TO 1.1 Workable beach houses on the water everywhere where theres water!! PLEASE if you have version 1.0 delete it and replace it with 1.1
    All Resourse are at max!
    Water 3
    Oil 3
    Farms 3
    Holidays 3

    kakbwi.jpg 2vv52sg.jpg