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Tutorial Creating a Golf Course

Add a realistic looking golf course to your City

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Migrator's note: Acez is the author of this tutorial.

    Today I'm going to show you my way of making a golf course for your City. While it won't function as a golf course, it will still provide your city with leisure should you follow the method I did.
    Mods Used:
    Jeff10's Grass Landfill mod - Download here
    Pharmasist Pedestrian Paths - Download here
    Gobo77, Haltendehand, Malaya, and Oliver New Plaza mod - Download here

    Step 1: Start off by placing a country club. For my country club, I used one of the buildings from Karel53 Mod's, which is I believe is a building from City Hall, but in his mod, it unlocks as a Cultural Leisure building. This will be the starting point for our golf course.

    Step 2: Next up, we need to start by making our first hole. To do this, I select the small road tool, using the "Curved Road" orientation and begin making the holes. Do make sure you finish the road by connecting both ends, making odd looking ovals/circles. They don't need to be perfect, but do try to make them fairly wide. The reason for this is, we are going to be making a inner circle to the one you are making right now. Where hole 1 is finished, start making hole 2, and so on and so forth (I only built 9 holes). Remember that even with golf, some holes are long, and some are short, so mix it up a bit (typically I find for every 9 holes, there are 2 par 3's[short holes], and 1 par 5[long holes]) but that's just me.


    Step 3: once your 9 holes, or 18 are done, begin creating the inner circles to the ones you made. I suggest making two different circles within the hole to provide you with a clear cut fairway and green. The green doesn't need to be huge, but it does need to be big enough. The fairway can be as wide, or skinny as you want.

    Step 4: Now I only finished 4 holes just to save time, but do this to all of them.
    Once you have done all this, start filling in the outside of the holes with the forest plaza of your choice. There should be trees in this plaza.
    Step 5: Once you have completely surrounded your holes with trees, we can start working on the fairways and greens. This is where the mods come into play. The CXLmodGazons (CXL Grass Mod) has 2 types of grass, and the Big Tree Plaza mod has a tree plaza without trees. I used all three of these types. Inside the fairway, i used the lighter colour grass, and the plaza without trees for the hole (its not as dark as the other grass). Put these on each of your holes, but only fill the greens and fairway.
    Step 6: Now delete the roads that suround the greens and fairway, but do not delete the holes road. Once they are deleted, fill the empty space now with the darker grass. This will be our rough.
    Step 7: Before we move on, now is a good time to "connect" our holes. Generally golf courses have a road for the karts to drive on. We are going to do this. Connect each road from around where the green is, to where the tees for the next hole should be. You may need to delete some of the tree plazas from before to make sure you can connect them. Once all your holes are connected, go ahead and delete the road on the opposite side of the hole from where it connects, and fill that area in with the trees.
    Step 8: You can leave what is left of the roads if you want, but alternatively, you can delete them too and fill them in with a urban plaza. I happen to have a urban plaza without and buildings. That is what I used for the golf kart road.
    And there you go. A fairly realistic golf course.
    To make it even more realistic, add sand traps and other things the same way by creating smaller circles within the hole, like in Step 3. Follow the same guide but fill them with a sand plaza instead.
    Hope this helps, and look forward to seeing some awesome looking golf courses from you.
    Here is an alternative one, without the greens.
    After spending considerable amounts of time to recreate the above gold course, with the help of Kitsunebi, I downloaded Pharmasist Pedestrian Paths, which are about half the side of the small road, and recreated the course. I went into more detail here though, placing sand traps, and water on some holes. There is a Tee, a fairway, a green and obstacles. I went from 9 holes to 18. Greens even include a flag. I hope you enjoy.
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Recent Reviews

  1. morqe
    Using google earth to get some inspiration for real life golf course may be a god idea.
  2. skullz613
    Nice tutorial. I'll give this ago. By the way the only link working is the lawns one. All the Pharmist links don't work :(
  3. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    It is a good tutorial, but a little too much to do. Then again, I am lazy.