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CJ Cyberpunk city 2

cyberpunk city 2

  1. mikkamakka345
    More pictures. cirka11frombridge.jpg citycenter7.jpg citycenterandcika11.jpg cvfj.jpg d6a222.jpg dl58.jpg e2119d.jpg f3e6b2.jpg fvrd.jpg fe89.jpg fxk2.jpg i7ka.jpg jr5z.jpg k3nk.jpg knfo.jpg lwjy.jpg lxzg.jpg mm88.jpg okgm.jpg pl7i.jpg ps7v.jpg qckk.jpg qzc9.jpg rc4r.jpg scc0.jpg si43.jpg ubul.jpg v818.jpg vs8a.jpg zq3p.jpg y9tj.jpg zzhl.jpg y3iq.jpg wafk.jpg y8df.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Artmaster
    Totally awesome! I love lookiing at these futuristic cities. Have you ever thought of doing an opposite version? Where everything is utopic instead of dystopic? Would be very awesome to see them in contrast...maybe a small domed part of the city where Elites live in ultra green, open glass walkways, shiney towers of ivory and blue and then outside of it the dystopic city of dark decadence and much like we see in the above pics!
  2. Inan
    I know that many of your buildings are mods by you. Thanks for sharing. The city reminds me of "Mega City One" of Judge Dredd, very futuristic. :-)
  3. AzemOcram
    You really put in a ton of effort and it shows! I love Sci-Fi
  4. Peter912
    Amazing and really cool!! Gives out a really nice futuristic feeling (dystopic too which is kinda cool to me). It is also nice to have you back too!
  5. omartiz955
    Amazing work!! :D
  6. Игорь
    Let me see the map
    Well,this is awesome, and this fog city looks kinda like nawaday China .Hahh
  8. Trustime
    Great work, looks very unique, futuristic and different. I like this city :)
  9. Chunky88
    Good thought...pictures are very nice, especially composition pictures...but there is one thing which is totally impossible to physically construct - space roads (especially in curved shape)
  10. Anirban
    Reminds me of all the alien planets of Avengers :D
    Nice thought, thumbs up for that.....but also may be this planet lacks greneery, seems dark and hints of an Evil Cities of movies