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CJ Dāgren

The capital of Regrana

  1. raulv87
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Three pictures for the start:
    CJ panorama 1.jpg

    CJ kesk2.jpg

    CJ vana4.jpg

    Dāgren is the capital city of Regrana (a country in a group of 4 countries called Selioarkesson). It's also the administrative center of Regrana's central district - Dagrenostād. With the population of 407 757 (metro area 679 000) Dāgren is the second largest city in Regrana after Jerbīna. The city is located on the eastern shore of lake Rangadjen.

    Dāgren http://www.hot.ee/raulv87//Dag.wma
    Regrana http://www.hot.ee/raulv87//Regr.wma
    Selioarkesson http://www.hot.ee/raulv87//SA.wma

    CJ Skyline 1.jpg

    Dagren asukoht.png
    The location of Dāgren

    megascreen0016 x.jpg
    Aerial view

    Transportation network:
    The state highway 1 (Jerbīna-Dāgren-Irklava) passes through the city and the highways 2 (to Klaupio) and 3 (to Piltene) start from Dāgren. There are railway connections to the north (Ajdiēba-Klaupio), west (Irklava) and south (Briēbu-Jerbīna).

    • A - Airport
    • R - Railway station
    • White roads - Expressways (RHM with same level intersections)
    • Orange roads - Highways / Freeways
    uu xCJ Map yld.jpg

    uu xCJ Map liiklus uus.jpg

    uu xCJ Map kesk uus.jpg
    Central Dāgren

    Wide panorama:
    CJ panoramax.jpg

    City center:

    uu CJ kesk3 uus.jpg
    Lāteč tekae or "The heart of the city" is a square with the statue of an angel. It's a popular meeting place.

    CJ Keskus 3.jpg

    The business district of Dāgren

    CJ Keskus 7.jpg

    Old town:

    CJ vana5.jpg

    CJ vana2.jpg

    CJ vana3.jpg

    Western front:
    uu CJ vastask uus.jpg

    Central park:
    CJ Parkkesk1.jpg

    uu CJ Parkkesk2a uus.jpg

    Different skyline views:
    CJ Skyline 0.jpg

    CJ Skyline 4.jpg

    CJ Skyline10.jpg

    CJ Skyline 11.jpg

    uu CJ transp1 uus.jpg

    Night view
    CJ Panorama öösel.jpg

    Railway station:
    uu CJ rdtj uus.jpg

    Few other pics:
    megascreen0018 x.jpg

    uu CJ xmuu9 uus.jpg

    Thanks for watching :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Monty
    There are many things I like about this city, it has a very cool vibe. Keep the good work!
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Monty! Nice to see, that you like it :)
    Transportation planning is really great^^
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  3. Artmaster
    Aside from what everyone had to say about the RHM and plazas, I honestly think this city is very well done. The skyline is very realistic and pleasing, the openness is very welcoming and brings much breathing room. Many American cities have plazas just like these where there really isn't much to look at as far as fountains and statues and what not. Keep up the learning though! I'm in the same boat with RHM not being so smooth...tricky business.
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your very positive and encouraging review :)
  4. Rodyna
    This City is so underrated!
    I think it's beautiful! 5 star :)
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)
  5. kipate
    Four stars!
    Let's start with what I dislike, then I will end with the positive parts and as the things you hear will be remembered better, you will have a rather positive feeling :D

    I do agree with what was said before by Inan and chenchuan.
    The plazas do look too monotonous, and RHM does not look smooth enough. You could try to have longer ramps onto the highways.
    Also, as I recommended before, try to smoothen the terrain with Over Water Roads by pharmist, together with plazas. This will need some more time, but it's worth it. For the plazas, well, it is often a combination with pedestrian paths, streets, and hence a geometrical experiment :)

    I hereby would also like to emphasize that neither Inan, nor chenchuan have been masters of CXL directly from the start on.
    All good players needed a lot of time to become as good as they are now, and no one ever can stop learning!
    So don't feel discouraged by their critique :)
    With time, you will improve!

    What also could be improved in my opinion are the suburbs, they look so standardized that it is almost a little boring to see them :D
    Maybe some other road layour would be cool, have a look at some CJs here, there you will find some inspiration, I would recommend Crystal Bay by gbojanic.

    What I am also missing a bit are some large old government buildings, together with some nice parks around.

    What is positive about your city? A lot!
    I again like your skyline, you chose several small and tall skyscrapers, that looks consistent!
    Also, those two office towers form a nice complex, very good job!
    And the height of the skyscrapers is fine for a medium sized city!
    There are a lot of cities around here whose authors totally overkilled their cities' skylines with too many and too tall structures.
    But you did not, and that is nice!

    Your highway network looks very neat, despite the problems with the steep ramps.

    I do again appreciate your effort to construct some plateaus!
    Those look very nice, and it looks very realistic with the large avenues/highways below, a bit like in Tallinn ;) :D

    Furthermore, you have been quite consistent with the choice of your buildings, it does not look like an artificial collection of the best structures all around the world, but it looks rather natural, and that should be considered a compliment, as even good players tend to mix too many different styles (Inan and chenchuan are no exceptions here^^)!

    I do appreciate again the overall presentation of the city, the journal part is neat, albeit a bit short this time, but this can still come with updates :)

    Keep up the good work, and then improve with the weaker parts,
    and your next city will be better!
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks again, Kipate, for such a thorough review and also for 4 stars (suggesting that this isn't the worst city ever made, as some of previous comments made me feel).

      I really do agree with negative sides. I suck at placing plazas. I have never known how to do it. Maybe because I mainly start by building road systems, then buildings and what's left, I fill with plazas. I also admit not paying too much attention to suburbs in this city, because I was too excited about my skyline and plateaus and just wanted to finish the city.... I know, I shouldn't do that :D.

      Nice, that you pointed out so many good things about the city! I hope to keep up my strong sides and improve weak ones, as you said :)
  6. chenchuan
    Well,rhm looks so bad.
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Ok.. I tried to experiment and create different intersections. Guess it didn't work out then..
  7. Josephlonde
    You're in the way, is great but the Railway have some problem that i can't explain. Try change something on it.
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks. But what should I do with the railways..?
  8. Inan
    You have some nice aerial shots, i like the concept of a medium city, with low- and midrise buildings and a smaller CBD, also your map is better than anything i could do. I just don't like the empty spaces everywhere and the uninspired placed plazas. Keep on :-)
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Inan. I know I suck in placing plazas :) That's the best I can do..