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Ploppables Decorative Company Logos v1.00

5 Company Logos to add to your building rooftops, by aitortalla01

  1. aitortilla01
    Want to make your cities look a little more like Hong Kong? Want to give some life to those dark and miserable vanilla buildings?

    Then place these 5 signs in your rooftops!

    gamescreen0157s.jpg gamescreen0220.jpg gamescreen0273.jpg gamescreen0276.jpg gamescreen0277.jpg


    These pieces can be rotated and moved up and down, they won't snap to any roads. It takes a little practice to place them exactly where you want.

    These models are nothing fancy or technologically advanced and it just took me a few hours to do them. It's just letters that remain illuminated at night. Don't expect much!

    They act like furniture and have L1 and L2

    Menu location:

    Download the attached .patch file and place it in your PAK folder

    It requires UIM - any version previous to the current v.1.79 will work fine
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation User Interface Mod

Recent Reviews

  1. OmniusPrime
    Version: v1.00
    Adds some nice lighted logos for the night as they really stand out nicely on hi-rise rooftops. May be simply done but their effect is beautiful. Works wonderfully in XXL but a tad hard to find. You have to go to Decorations and then Custom since there isn't the same button as in XL.
  2. Wibi
    Version: v1.00
    I'm begging on my knees here. More company logos please! Looks amazing
  3. Silduar
    Version: v1.00
    I missed them in XL. But I tried it in XXL and works fine.
    Version: v1.00
    These are kick but. Don't know what you mean "Don't expect much". these are too much!. thankyou!.
  5. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: v1.00
    These go great with the Modular Warehouse pack!
  6. gseid87
    Version: v1.00
    Finally Ill have a Coca Coal sign