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Tutorial Denco Tutorials- The ultimate city guide for realism

A huge video tutorial for the creation of a stunning city.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Hello all!!!
    Denco here, and I am proud to announce the newest and most extensive city tutorial to date. I will try to include all of the elements of Cities XL 2011 including custom highways and parks, all bound to the creation of an amazing city. Here you will find the links to the videos!! This is designed to teach you and help you learn how to make better cities. You are welcome to try to recreate what I made, but I don't want you to lose your individuality just so you can have a nice city. Everyone is different, for I just want to help you be the best builder you can be!
    If you want to post a video or text for your guide, PM me and I will put it on!! Have a title, describtion, and the video link or text with pictures LESS then 800 pixels in length please!

    And remember to like! [​IMG]

    -Downtown Infrastructure: Highways

    -The first Tutorial.. This one teaches the tips and tricks to create a stellar highway system in their downtown areas. Please note- you do not have to follow this directly. Play around with it! This is just a guide to give you the skill set to create your personal cities.

    -Downtown Layout: Constructing the roads for the CBD

    In this one, you will learn tips to layout your CBD realistically.

    -Planning Routes over Tough Terrain

    This is one for the advanced users out there!

    -Realistic Suburbs

    Looking to create those luscious, beautiful, green suburbs, but don't want to use so much memory that all the sudden when you are playing Cities XL it sounds like you dropped a spoon into a garbage disposal located on a rusty steam roller that is so bad your neighbors call the police because they believe Jigsaw had turned your house into his next venue for his sick and twisted ways? Then this is for you.

    -Canals: Easy and Simple

    This is an alternate way of making canals. It is much faster, and also, in my opinion easier. This is for you if you are okay with slightly unneat sides to your canal, but it still looks great in my opinion. You can easily create a large canal in a relatively short amount of time.

    This is just a short, small tutorial that I made that will help you with building seawalls.