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  2. Thanks for the donations everyone. That's another month covered :)
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Residential Derelict Buildings Mod 1.0

3 new Derelict Buildings (Imported from City Life)

  1. fayeddd
    New building model imported from City Life.
    I was reading this thread - City Life Buildings in Cities XL
    and did a bit of searching and stumbled across a bunch of downloadable buildings from City Life Game.
    Anyways I downloaded them and tried this one. copy from nicko's swat thread
    i added some textures,lights,cars etc.
    Thank you to Preyfr for help me pack this into 1 patch file
    Thank you to Nicko who donate one his mod to this pack
    this mod consists of 4 buildings.
    they are
    DBM 1
    DBM 2
    DBM 3
    DBM 4 (From Nicko)


    DBM 1 : heavy industry T4
    DBM 2 & 3 : skilled worker T4
    DBM 4 : unskilled worker T3 MSCUSTOM

    [​IMG] .[​IMG] .[​IMG] .[​IMG] .[​IMG]
    Rene wrote:

    Nice dilapidated buildings.. I might find use for these. Thanks.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):


    1. 548962_4783839678567_609899587_n.jpg
    2. 544854_4783837838521_36184047_n.jpg
    3. 155672_4783840758594_67644088_n.jpg
    4. 68978_4783841358609_2068358633_n.jpg
    5. 554622_4783835958474_1683317375_n.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: 1.0
    This mod, with the Red Light District Mod, the Urban Walls pack, and the Basketball Courts, will make the perfect ghetto. All really big cities have one or two.