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Arts & Leisure DiverCity Tokyo Plaza v1.00

One of the foremost Japanese tourist spots, to become a new Tokyo landmark

  1. Nogerivan
    Hello again to everyone.....
    this are my 2nd building, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

    if You play on Pentium III/AMD equivalent machine, or if You too much care about building polygon/triangle count, I suggest You to ignore this building

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    commerce > leisure > cultural > custom content

    base size 260m x 157.5m
    height 96.15m

    T4 spec
    L1 9485 / 8000
    L2 7891 / 4000
    L3 5239 / 2000
    L4 229 / 200

    it have high triangle on L1-L3, far from the T4 spec..so be wise and place it only once.
    the nightlight also terrible..it took more than 6 hours only to render the nightlight, and the result is blur image

    suggestion are welcome, and thanks for the feedback
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL User Interface Mod
    Shader Pack 1.0
    XL Nation Furniture Dependency Pack


    1. gamescreen0483.jpg
    2. gamescreen0484.jpg
    3. gamescreen0485.jpg
    4. gamescreen0486.jpg
    5. gamescreen0499.jpg
    6. gamescreen0500.jpg
    7. gamescreen0513.jpg
    8. gamescreen0518.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. tdbaria
    Version: v1.00
    tested compatible with XXL, great!
  2. Kitsunebi
    Version: v1.00
    Awesome! I really love it!
    Only OWP would make it even better...
    1. Nogerivan
      Author's Response
      there will be update about it
  3. lguzman2011
    Version: v1.00
    Cool design, and great detail building! Works for me. Thanks
  4. Monty
    Version: v1.00
    Excellent work!!!!!
  5. fayeddd
    Version: v1.00
    Hey there.. very good building, love all the details.
    you must be from Indonesia since you know Kaskus, arent you?
  6. Anonymous
    Version: v1.00
    This is a good mod.
  7. Sin City 5
    Sin City 5
    Version: v1.00
    単に最高 ................!!
  8. luis diogo
    luis diogo
    Version: v1.00
    Interesting building. Too bad for the LOD thing and somehow that blue in the tall building seems a little bit unatural to me. But it's a very original building and adds to an area the game could have more options. Well done.
    1. Nogerivan
      Author's Response
      sorry for that blue thing...it was only a color taken from texture under it, not a texture. there are no space left on diffuse image for texture..
      also there is a low poly version of it, actualy an early version. but it doesn't have lod3...maybe I'll share it later
  9. barradar
    Version: v1.00
    sukses bro. luar biasa. tambah kaya kotaku..
    1. Nogerivan
      Author's Response
  10. Ole
    Version: v1.00
    very very very very very very very very very very very very very very ...... very very well done! I really like it!