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CJ Domodedovo

I wanted to build a city in which I live

  1. Kristián Presinszky
    Kristián Presinszky
    The ratings how I understand them
    5 - stars / is for a city that is realistic that resambles a real life city
    4 - stars / is for a city with little mistakes, missing details or not finnished but a city with great concept
    3 - stars / is for a city that´s ok but still could be better, still has a lot of work to be done
    2 - stars / is an unorganized city, buildings thoughtlessly placed, no concept at all, it´s chaotic...
    1 - stars / speaks for it self
  2. Anonymous
    Three Star .
  3. benhur1967
    I think it is a good job. The city is organized very well, but maybe is not so much emotional. A little aseptic I would say. 4 stars anyway.