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CJ Dresden

Dresden, Germany

  1. phamduysc
    Dresden is one of the most damaged city after WWII, now city is constructed with mixture between old and new. This is some picture of Dresden

    City hall
    View from Ringroad
    Airplane view
    Old city center and CBD behind
    Street view

    Sorry for my bad English. I'll update more details when I have better connection.
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Recent Reviews

  1. pauliaxz
    Nice so far but at least you should had taken photos on highest quality graphics.
    1. phamduysc
      Author's Response
      Sorry for graphic quality but every time when i change to high performance, it crash. So sad. Maybe cause my laptop not enough for high performance.
  2. Mrvoltura
    the flow is superflous,but the edict is mangled
  3. dlimpens
    good start, nice european look...And for Abbittibbi: in europe most cities don`t have 90degree angle roads - they are old cities - and the streetplan in an old city is messy, so this street plan is absolutely oke for the city and realistic
  4. Abbittibbi
    Nice overall city. I like the size and how building where used.

    Road layout seem a bit messy, but you can't always have 90 angle roads. Missing pictures for the part on the city on the hill.

    Good job, keep building.
    1. phamduysc
      Author's Response
      I'll update soon, this city have some nice view from suburbs indeed :D
  5. cityguru
    1. phamduysc
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much, let me try and see how.