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Tech Support Easy Mod XL 1.2 BETA

Makes modding easier. Original author Hyperwolf

  1. Hyperwolf
    EasyMod XL Beta 1.2

    EasyMod XL is an open-source mod editor for Cities XL. The current release is Beta 1.2 which was released on 05/28/2012. Please report all bugs so they can be fixed.
    See the change log below for a list of what has been fixed.


    • Drag-and-drop interface lets you drag and drop files/folders into the application for viewing and editing
    • Easily pack all files in the interface into a patch file
    • Easily export all files in the interface into a data folder
    • Save/Load EMXL projects
    • Template Wizard lets you put your custom model into the game quickly
    • Template Builder lets you choose a base file and it finds all associated files with the base file and imports them into the application
    • Simple Pack/Unpack interface lets you pack/unpack files without importing them into the application
    • Syntax Highlighter helps you spot errors and keep track of your code
    • Auto-complete tag brackets lets you write code quicker
    • Syntax debugger attempts to spot errors in your files before you create a patch file
    • Advanced find/replace dialog with regular expression support helps you make changes to your files quickly
    • All the normal features you expect with a text editor (copy,cut,paste,undo,redo,etc)

    Currently not supported

    Full unpack of Cities XL pak folder

    Template Wizard

    Access the template wizard by clicking File -> New Project -> New Project From Template
    Once this is done, you will see the following screen:

    Choose a template and click next.

    Next you want to change the base name to whatever you like.
    If you have a custom model and a custom dds thumbnail, import them here.
    If you want to add custom descriptions, choose that option.
    If you want to change the location of the mod in the building menu, change the tag.
    (Support for UIM tags is coming. A more user-friendly tag selection is also coming)
    Click next and click finish to generate the template.


    Now your custom files have been generated. Double click them to open them and edit them as needed.
    If you make changes to a file, save your project. Click on the "Convert to patch file button" to create a patch file for your new building.

    Template Builder

    The template builder requires that you have unpacked the pak folder with a tool other than EMXL.
    Click on tools -> build template.


    Browse for a base file. I have a dds thumbnail viewer installed on my system. Here I am browsing through the thumbnails of all the buildings until I find the building I want to mod.


    After you find the base file, EMXL will attempt to locate all files associated with it. When it finishes, click Ok to generate the template.


    Other Features:

    Syntax Debugger:


    Find/Replace Dialog :


    Simple Pack/Unpack:


    Press Ctrl + J to auto-close a bracket.

    Beta 1.2 Release 05/28/2012
    -Localization files created with EMXL make the game crash Fixed
    -EasyMod Project files (.emp) don't work Fixed
    -File list doesn't stretch properly for large windows Fixed

    Beta 1.1 Release
    -Log file can't save because of permission failure Fixed
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):