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Tech Support Easy Mod XL 1.2 BETA

Makes modding easier. Original author Hyperwolf

  1. Hyperwolf
    EasyMod XL Beta 1.2

    EasyMod XL is an open-source mod editor for Cities XL. The current release is Beta 1.2 which was released on 05/28/2012. Please report all bugs so they can be fixed.
    See the change log below for a list of what has been fixed.


    • Drag-and-drop interface lets you drag and drop files/folders into the application for viewing and editing
    • Easily pack all files in the interface into a patch file
    • Easily export all files in the interface into a data folder
    • Save/Load EMXL projects
    • Template Wizard lets you put your custom model into the game quickly
    • Template Builder lets you choose a base file and it finds all associated files with the base file and imports them into the application
    • Simple Pack/Unpack interface lets you pack/unpack files without importing them into the application
    • Syntax Highlighter helps you spot errors and keep track of your code
    • Auto-complete tag brackets lets you write code quicker
    • Syntax debugger attempts to spot errors in your files before you create a patch file
    • Advanced find/replace dialog with regular expression support helps you make changes to your files quickly
    • All the normal features you expect with a text editor (copy,cut,paste,undo,redo,etc)

    Currently not supported

    Full unpack of Cities XL pak folder

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