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Country Echa

A country situated in the north of Alpha Centauri. Part of Countries XL

  1. President of Echa
    Echa (/‘ɛʃa/), officially the Federal Republic and Kingdom of Echa, is a federal parliamentary republic in the southern part of Cibelia on Alpha Centauri B. Originally the country would be located on Alpha Centauri A, but this was cancelled due to extremely high concentrations of unstable Uranium on the surface. This planned location is sometimes referred to as Echa A. The current country on Alpha Centauri B consists of 11 states, and the country's capital is Epanjal. The country was founded in 2015 and colonized by Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

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  1. Nyako-sensei
    Great country!! Want the extension!!
  2. Peter912
    Nice country guys (y)
    1. President of Echa
  3. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    This whole "Countries XL" thing is a creative idea.