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Country Echa

A country situated in the north of Alpha Centauri. Part of Countries XL

  1. President of Echa
    Echa (/‘ɛʃa/), officially the Federal Republic and Kingdom of Echa, is a federal parliamentary republic in the southern part of Cibelia on Alpha Centauri B. Originally the country would be located on Alpha Centauri A, but this was cancelled due to extremely high concentrations of unstable Uranium on the surface. This planned location is sometimes referred to as Echa A. The current country on Alpha Centauri B consists of 11 states, and the country's capital is Epanjal. The country was founded in 2015 and colonized by Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

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    • Cestra (Ole)
    • Daeran (JuanAcadé)
    • Epanjal ★ (royb 98)
    • Guyas (Puss in boots)

    Epanjal just after colonization in 2016.


    Construction of Daeran in 2021


    General information
    • Anthem: "Noi casa lunte" (English: "Our distant home")
    • Motto: "Comene sustiremos" ("Together we will withstand")
    • Capital and largest city: Epanjal
    • Official languages: Echan, English
    • Recognized regional languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
    • Demonym: Echan
    • Government: Federal presidential republic and federal presidential republic under constitutional monarchy (in Spanish parts)
      • President: Giovanni Manzoni
      • Vice President: Jacques Diderot
      • Monarch: Felipe VI
      • Chief Justice: Luis Pérez García
    • Area:
      • 3.299.102 km^2 (1.273.790 sq mi) (Alpha Centauri B)
      • 2.989.633 km^2 (1.154.304 sq mi) (Alpha Centauri A)
    • Population
      • 2021 census: 1.435.226
      • Density: 0,23/km^2 (0,59/sq mi)
    • GDP (PPP)
      • Total: $34,82 billion
      • Per capita: $24.267
    • GDP (nominal)
      • Total: $36,98 billion
      • Per capita: $25.766
    • Gini: 37,8 medium
    • HDI: 0,789 high [^0,114 since last year]
    • Currency: Alpha Centaurian Euro (ACE)
    • Time zone:
      • AcBTC +3 to +5 (Alpha Centauri B)
      • AcATC -5 to -2 (Alpha Centauri A)
    • Drives on the: right
    • Calling code: +384
    • ISO 3166 code: EA
    • Internet TLD: .ea

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    NOTE: this article is about Echa A, not the current Echa

    Climate of Echa A

    Echa A has a very varied, but temperate climate. It is moderated by the sea bordering Ilala in the east. In the north, there are frequent heavy storms due to the collision between cold winds from the north east and hot winds from the south near the Nadas mountain range. Therefore, Echa A gets an average of 5.239 mm (206 in) precipitation per year, even though the south is relatively dry. Rainfall occurs all year round, but during the summers, there is more rainfall in the north and less in the south.

    Average temperatures vary from 8 degrees Celsius in January to 25 degrees Celsius in July. The extreme averages vary from -4 degrees in Uqil, Daeran in January to 34 degrees in the Faos desert.

    Satellite view of Echa A (full image)


    NOTE: this article is about Echa A, not the current Echa

    The planned country of Echa A was divided into 11 states. The states were further subdivided into 62 departments. Every state would be controlled partly by Echa and partly by another country. Epanjal, Dovat and Accar would be controlled by France, Daeran and Acran by Italy, Besís, Devas Miat and Amea by Spain and Guyas and Faos by Portugal. The Spanish states would also be part of the Spanish kingdom.

    Map of the planned administrative divisions of Echa A (full image)



    Echa has a total population of 1.435.226 people (2019 census). Every day, about 1500 people immigrate to Echa. About 31% of them are Spanish, 27% are French, 15% are Italian and 14% are Portuguese. Other important minorities are Canadians (5%), Brazilians (3%) and Mexicans (2%).


    Echa is secular country, and freedom of religion is a constitutional right. Christianity is by far the most important religion in Echa. The proportion of Echans that identify themselves as Roman Cotholics is 53%, and 4% of the Echans are Protestants. 36% is atheistic. The remaining 7% consists mainly of Muslims and Jews.

    Science and technology

    Echa has six universities which are subsidized by the state. The country is aiming to be Alpha Centauri's global leader in science and technology. Although its history is short, a Nobel prize has already been awarded to 2 Echan scientists; quantum physicist Léon Duval and chemist Miguel Suárez.

    A significant part of the country's energy production consists of nuclear fusion. In 2025, the first ever nuclear fusion plant was built near Epanjal. This plant produces almost 70 percent of the total energy production. Other important energy sources are coal and solar energy.


    Echa has 22.309 kilometers (13.862 miles) of paved road, and 560 thousand motor vehicles. The number of motor vehicles per 1000 persons was 390. Echa has 2.309 buses on scheduled routes, operated by several carriers. Railways stretch across 12.928 kilometers (8033 miles) and are operated by the government-owned Echa Railways.


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