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CJ Eminence

Bootleg River Competition City

  1. youngcitybuilderg
    No Longer Being Worked On or Updated
    I went to load the city, and the city crashed. My other cities work fine, however Eminence does not. It was short lived, but fun.

    Welcome to Eminence, a fine small city on the wild Bootleg River.
    Eminence is located in Riverton County, which also contains the small towns of La Grande, River Bend, Westphalia, Moreau, and Crockerdale.
    Eminence will be the largest of the 6 towns along this mighty river.
    -Click for Larger Image-
    Here, you can see the layout of the area, with each city being labeled by color. The red outlined section is Eminence, the small city / large town. The blue outlined areas with black text are small towns which better serve as suburbs to Eminence. The blue outlined area with blue text is Crockerdale, an unincorporated town that exists mostly along U.S. Route 50. Crockerdale; however' will be home to the largest river access in all of Riverton County.

    Update: East Eminence & River Bend
    Eminence has finally been put under the grow light!

    This is a view overlooking the eastern portion of Eminence (near the RHM Interchange)
    The current population of Eminence is 17,550.
    Enjoy a fantastic view of the CBD and dirty industrial zones of Eminence, separated by the highway.

    U.S. Routes 50 and 63 merge together in the southeast corner of the map. Here, U.S. Route 63 splits back off and cuts along the side of a manufacturing zone. U.S. Route 50 continues on to become a TLA-5 to cut through all of Eminence
    And just off site of Eminence, across the river on the east, and a tad to the north, lies this little slice of pie called River Bend. River Bend has a population of 2,331, causing Riverton County to have a total population of 19,881.

    In the lower left corner... that is a Hi-Tech Industrial Zone that hasn't grown. It will most likely support workers from the future "La Grande" further up the river. You can also see Eminence's CBD in the background.

    Update: 12/09/2014 2:31PM
    The Eminence area is now at an astonishing population of just over 67,000. I have built Crockerdale and the Riverton County Bootleg Campground. Eminence has definitely expanded, now toward the west, as well as the northeast. I have decided to actually move the CBD from its current location to more toward the city center along the TLA-5. The main road network of La Grande has been laid out as well. Pictures will be taken and uploaded later on.
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Recent Updates

  1. Large Expansion. See main post.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mrvoltura
    need to fill out more of those lots
  2. Raynor
    I don't wanna be the bad guy here, just giving some advice. You should move the industrial zone from the CBD. The farthest the better. Around the CBD mostly offices, and after those the residences. Just look at the normal US cities and you will get the idea. But i guess you are just at the start, you still have lots to do. Good luck!
  3. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    I like it so far. The really large interchange that is by the capital is a little much, but other than that, keep up the good work.
    1. youngcitybuilderg
      Author's Response
      Actually, that interchange is mostly 1 lane RHM. I modeled it after an interchange near the Osage and Moreau rivers in Missouri, where U.S. 50 and U.S. 63 meet. I just stretched it out so much to keep out some of the "slope too steep" problem around the connectors.