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City Epanjal

The capital of Echa

  1. President of Echa
    Please note that this is part of CoXL and there are some restrictions on the size of the city and the usage of landmarks. The project is focused on development, not on showing a finished city.

    Epanjal (/`ɛpɑndʒɑɭ/) is the capital of Echa and the state of Epanjal. The city is located in the northwest of Echa.

    (map will be added as soon as possible)

    General Information
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    This is only includes photos of the city in its current state. For the photos per round, go to "updates".
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Recent Updates

  1. Round 2
  2. Round 1
  3. Introduction Round

Recent Reviews

  1. tiki100
    How do I publish a country ? / Hogyan tudok közzétenniegy saját országot?
  2. Dario Viada
    Dario Viada
    excellent city!
  3. Nyako-sensei
    It is great, but can you just write the list of mods that were used to build this city?? Just to have all of them.
  4. Lord-Katania
    It is very beautiful but isn't it too small??
  5. Anonymous
    good city (^^)
  6. chenchuan
    I like your highway construction.(๑• . •๑)
    1. President of Echa
      Author's Response
      Thanks! It took me quite some time because I built it on the wrong place the first time :(.
  7. omartiz955
    beautiful! good work :D
    1. President of Echa
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  8. kipate
    Oh, very nice! Wise choice of buildings
    to create a Europen looking city!
    But where are the many cameras around the embassy of the Federation :D
    1. President of Echa
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Aitortilla's new buildings are also very useful. You'll see some improvements and extra details in the next update.
      But did you really think I forgot the camera's? They're just well-hidden, you're not supposed to see any :p.
  9. verners123
    Nice City There
    1. President of Echa
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'm planning to do a little update soon.
  10. Peter912
    Nice city royb
    @mobile - its supposed to look like that now, the population is now 50K