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CJ Fayport

" enjoy the trip "

  1. gabidon
    " Intro "

    Well, first of all I glad to said " welcome to my third city journal". This time I will present a small town located on the western tip of Java island. The first is a small port that connects the island of Sumatra to Java. Along with the development evenly in all areas, harbor known as the "port peacock" is experiencing rapid growth. Who formerly specialized passenger port, has become a busy town to trade, economic, and export - import. Similarly, an intro from me, so I dedicate "welcome to Fayport"

    City Statistics :
    • City Name : Fayport
    • Population : 1.988.552
    • Location : Banten, Indonesia
    City Financial Status :
    • City General Budget : $ 812.115.299
    • City Cashflow : $ 685.973
    • City Income : $ 1.759.432
      • Coorporate Taxes : $ 1.191.442
      • Imported Cash Tokens : $ 521.500
      • Income Taxes : $ 46.490
    • City Expenditure : $ 1.073.459
      • Public Transport : $ 384.149
      • Utilities : $ 269.450
      • Services : $ 251.500
      • Park : $ 112.960
      • Infrastructures : $ 55.400
    " The Downtown "

    The first image, which is a downtown city built using sunken system, here is where a residental high level, from lower class to upper class. Here is also a major economic turnaround occurs.

    " if you're into Fayport, but not visited Hillview Road, then you just wasting your time "



    In shanghai, you know there's a gathering place where the modern market goods branded, such as bags, shirts, pants, jewelry, souvenirs. but not for here, "Hillview Road," a place where you can find a large market, in a small town. A place where not only bags, shirts, but an icon of Hillview Road sidewalk is food that tastes incredible. Along this road, filled with special food specialties from Banten, "rabeg" Duck Satay, Milkfish Satay, and rice marrow. Met by 70% of tourists from various countries, food has become a distinctive reputation of Fayport.


    " Mansion, Themepark, Historic Complex "

    in the western part hillview, a rapid economic turnaround. Where malls, offices, stock exchanges, entertainment takes precedence over the northern part of this region of Hillview.


    Sweetlake has taken 552 hectares (ha) of hillview western region. Development that occurs is the residence where the middle class to upper (mansion), theme park, as well as historic buildings where many foreign tourists from local to make this place a must-visit vacation spot.


    In this region, as the name suggests "Sweetlake" famous for its charming lake, and you can also around the lake to take pictures using a boat which can be hired. Most of the couples who want to get married, to use this place as a photo of their pre-weeding.


    " Indonesia Highway Corporation"

    To support economic growth motion, Indonesia needs a reliable road network. Through Government Regulation No. 04 In 1978, on March 1, 1978 the Government established PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. Jasa Marga main task is to plan, construct, operate and maintain toll roads as well as means of completeness that can serve as a toll road highway that provides higher benefits than public roads not tolls.

    Traveling Fayport in 7 min
    " enjoy the trip "

    " The main exit intersection in downtown "
    " report on the situation of the highway heading toward hillview Portview busy interchange smoothly in both directions " Traffic Management Center Polda Banten, has reported the highway traffic condition from downtown with a police helicopter

    Sorry for my bad english

    update soon . . .


    1. FAYPORT_Thumbs.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Rocket97
    It's an Amazing city and a beautiful highway!!
  2. rehunubo
    Amazing! I truly liked that! Keep going, man!
  3. Supersnake
    Cool city. Thanks.
  4. carlos3dwards
    I really like the sunken highway.
  5. nicko2u
    nice looking city thanks for sharing your screenshots
    1. gabidon
      Author's Response
      sure, thanks nicko for your rating and reviews :)
  6. kipate
    4 stars! I prefer your previous two CJs over this one here.
    Especially, all these enormous monuments
    around that little lake look misplaced.
    But, it is just my opinion...
    1. gabidon
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your advice, kipate. My previous CJ Has Gone. Only Springhill i can share with y'all. :)