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CJ Felinas Valley(in progress)

Circular Capital City

  1. Abbittibbi
    Good day to you Citizens!

    -Welcome to Felinas Valley, Capital City for the Province of Clairland, I am mayor Abbittibbi. This City is still in progress and the city journal will be updated in time. Here are some the city details I can share today:



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    Thank you, thank you indeed for spending some time around Felinas Valley. The City Council and Mayor appreciate your visit and your comments. Kindly sign our VIP Gold Book, right below, as you leave.

    There is more to come, as I have put all my experience in building this city. I also tried to copy/adapt as best as possible some of the concepts and features from other builders. I love editing the CJ and put in details.

Recent Reviews

  1. ailo
    I love you imagination of the road, but there are too many high-rise buildings
    1. Abbittibbi
      Author's Response
      I will work on things that people say,popular opinion matter here, the City Council will make plans for reducing the number of very high rise office buildings. Maybe using planes or something...

      It's been said a few time, I appreciate reviews and comments, please keep watching as I will make some change to the downtown district to match comments. Thank you for visiting.
  2. Anonymous
    Oh my got.....well imagination....
    1. Abbittibbi
      Author's Response
      Thank you.
    Just like inan said,there are too many skyscrapers in you city,and they arn't even the same style.Anyway, futuristic cities are my favorite! keep it up!
    1. Abbittibbi
      Author's Response
      Nah, I wanted to avoid repetitions of building, every building is placed one at the time, no auto-zone in this place. Thank you for visiting, I appreciated, more to come.
  4. Inan
    Nice concept of a futuristic city. Personally i'm not a fan of too much geometry and i'm not sure about those many skyscrapers. On the other hand i like that lake area and the traffic concept. I stay tuned for the result. :-)
    1. Abbittibbi
      Author's Response
      Thank you for visiting the city. There are not actually that many skyscrapers, the perspective of a carefully city line is in front of you. Downtown is actually about only 8 blocks wide by 6 deeps, with a hole middle. About 60 majors buildings on each side of 1st and 2nd avenues.

      This city is all about transports, and I wanted to maximize all possibles transports(but boats).

      Thank you again, there is more ready to be shown, but I'm still building it.
  5. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    I love your city! It is nice to see that I am not the only person who does not use the RHM! I also like your demographics thing. When I publish my CJ, I am going to do something like that.
    1. Abbittibbi
      Author's Response
      Go ahead, feel free to use any concept I have used. Thank you for your comment and visit.
  6. cityguru
    i like your city! i give it 4 stars because of some area's you didn't build!
    1. Abbittibbi
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your rating, the city is still in progress.
  7. kipate
    4 stars! I like your road layout a lot,
    and your planning skills seem not to know any limit,
    you indeed are very creative! But I would have wished for
    some more asymmetric parts, too, and also for a bit more
    decorative plazas in general; it is a bit the micro detailism
    that I'm missing here...