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Ploppables Flags of the World v1.00

The Complete Archive of the Flags of the World (279 Flags) by diScOpOlis

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Welcome to Flags Of The World, the mod that will give you a lot more possibilities to build your city with 279 different flags!

    ! - ! - ! - ! Please read carefully the 'How To Install And Use The Mod' in the below section as it is very important to know how it works ! - ! - ! - !

    Watch the video to get a better idea of what is possible with this mod!
    More Information:

    This mod comes with 279 different flags, providing all the countries in the world + 31 world organisations to give your city more life.
    You can now personalise your city in many new ways thanks to this easy-to-place flags.
    These flags can be built anywhere, you can even place them onto plazas, buildings, roads, sidewalks,... .

    • Build dedicated buildings with corresponding flags for the European Union, United Nations, ASEAN, Greenpeace, the International Atomic Energy Agency and so on!

    • Host the Olympics Games with all the contendors's flags around your stadiums!

    • Show your fellow XLers your true colors by decorating your city with your country's flag!

    • Rediscover as you delve yourself in a far nation with It's own flag and way-of-life or loosen up by rebuilding your favorite holiday island!

    • You magnificent cities have reached the attention of foreign countries, give them a dedicated spot by building an embassy with their flags around!

    • Decorate your main streets by flags along the sidewalks, or give your parks an extra touch and make your citizens proud!

    • Give your high-rise buildings that extra few meters by placing your flags on top of the building!

    • Show your love to XLnation by plopping about the dedicated XLnation-flag!

    • So much more possibilities for you to discover...!
    A couple Screenshots + extensive video

    How To Install The Mod:
    - This archive contains all the flags of the world (279 flags) broken down into categories and countries.

    - It is very much adviced that you place the unzipped files in another folder then your 'Paks" folder. As you will have too many flags to load it is better that you copy/paste the desired countries/organisations inside your Paks folder. Doing this will only load the desired flags you choose in-game while the others stay in the original folder.

    - Each flag has It's own .patch file; this way you can easilly move in/out the flags in your Paks folder, making it possible to only load those you want to use. Remember to delete the corresponding flags in your city if your going to move the .patch file out of your Paks folder! Otherwise your city will not be able to load anymore!

    - It is highly recommended to also download the 'Vignettes' mod, this mod will expand the amount of available in-game thumbnails of your menus from 50 to 500 pieces. You can find a download link also below on this page.

    How To Use The Mod:

    - The flags can be placed anywhere; upon buildings, plazas, roads, sidewalks,... the flags auto-adjust as you hover it over buildings.

    - The SHIFT-key will not rotate the flags, but instead will change the height of your flag. Rotating is not possible but It's not needed anyway.

    - Because the flags have no collision box, you cannot destroy these flags with using the destruction tool. However you can easilly select the flag with your mouse and press the DELETE button on your keyboard.

    - You can delete the old American Flag mod because Flags Of The World has a better version of an American flag.


    You can now request your own City-Journal Flag, just send me the jpg-file through Personal Message and I will transform it into a flag for you to use in your city!

    - Request Pack Added 10/03/2012: Brittany Flag Pack (Northwest France Regions) IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THE COMPLETE PACK

    Please report any problems you may have encountered, be sure to move into the Paks folder only the flags you want to use! Do note that SHIFT doesn't rotate these flags but changes It's height!

    Do not use these flags for any discriminating purposes, this mod was intended to broaden your gameplay and knowledge, insight into the world. Use it for It's intended purpose. Rascism, discrimination or explicit political statements in published city journals are not supported by diScOpOlis and go in against XLnation's general guidelines and may be punished by XLnation.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation User Interface Mod

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v1.00
    We need an LGBT flag ! :)
  2. A SenG
    A SenG
    Version: v1.00
    All the countries from the Subcontinent are present but couldn't find INDIA
  3. Wilbur Qin
    Wilbur Qin
    Version: v1.00
    Good work but you don't know in mean land of China,YouTube can't be used by Chinese government,so I can't watch this video. All in all,you deserve 5 stars!
  4. Taakeda
    Version: v1.00
    Good one. Can I ask you if you can make the Palestinian flag,formy city please?
  5. kidsix
    Version: v1.00
    nice mod mate. tnkxx for sharing
  6. CahosRahneVeloza
    Version: v1.00
    Much needed 5/5 Stars :)

    I'm just wondering though, which of the flags is the one for the "Olympics"? I can't seem to find it initially from the list of patch files. Or is it using a different name other than "Olympics" or "IOC" (International Olympic Committee"?