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Plazas Flat Water Areas Split 1.3

The Flat water plazas patch split up

  1. skullz613
    • Cities XXL Community MOD
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    These are @nicko2u water plazas so credit goes to him for the bulk of the work. I just edited the class files so the plazas are flat and made them XXL friendly.

    flatwater icons.png
    These plazas are from the Plazas - Flat Water Areas mod I made but are separate patches so you can choose the ones you want.
    In the ZIP file are 15 patches and 15 PNG's so you can identify which one is which.
    Menu Location


    Copyright 2017 skullz6.13 This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named skullz6.13
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Recent Reviews

  1. veija2
    Version: 1.3
    The game wouldn't be the same without these. Thankyou! And thank you for splitting them up - I'm sure every one of them is someone's favorite - I know I have mine.
  2. Kris2604
    Version: 1.3
    Just wonderful! Thank you very much!
  3. fayeddd
    Version: 1.3
    Hey SKullz! It is really cool pack!
    but i am wodering why there are png files in the rar?
    1. skullz613
      Author's Response
      I put those in so you can identify each patch file and choose the ones you want.
  4. OmniusPrime
    Version: 1.3
    I love the terraforming effect of the flat water areas, turned one pond I made on a hill slope look correctly flat instead of defying gravity. A good improvement on nicko2u's mod nicely placed in the Custom area.
  5. Jotape
    Version: 1.3
    Fantastic idea, thanks!
  6. alex l
    alex l
    Version: 1.3
    I waited finally, thank you very much!
    Version: 1.3
    i need this mod!
  8. Anonymous
    Version: 1.3
    Perfect mod it is!