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Maps Fools Landing 1.1

Four rivers lead to an island

  1. skullz613
    • CitiesXL 2009
    • CitiesXL 2011
    • CitiesXL 2012
    • CitiesXL Platinum
    Update 1.1
    I have adjusted the falloff a little to enable RHM bridges to be placed better. I also removed the square bits on both islands. See image below.
    The hills by the island are effecting the land height so only a few places allow the RHM bridges. You could always use the normal bridges as they work OK.
    Version 1.0 still works OK. If you want to use RHM bridges to connect to the little island then try 1.1 as it allows better connection.
    Remove version 1.0 from your paks folder and replace with version 1.1

    There's a Kings Landing so now there's a Fools Landing.
    This could be an interesting one to build on. I've started a new city just to see what I can do with it.
    It has roughly 50% flat area and full resources. Only tested it on CitiesXL 2012 but it should work on 2011.
    Hope you all enjoy it.



    Put the .patch into the Pak folder of your Cities Xl

    As normal, delete the trees in the water.
    TIP: Right click the bulldozer thumbnail and move the slider up to increase the bulldozer size

    Installation Pre-requisite:

    Copyright 2015 skullz6.13 This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named skullz6.13
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Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: 1.1
    This map also seems doable. It is not too hilly. Good job.
  2. denfa
    Version: 1.1
    La carte peut paraƮtre simple mais j'aime bien :)