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Plazas Forest Mod 1.0

Ploppable trees that is easy for reforestation

  1. XL Nation Staff


    This forest mod is specially made for Kitsunebi, who has requested me to make a tree mod that is similar to planting tree in SC4.
    In this mod, you can plant more trees in one single click. Since this mod is not a plaza, it can be placed in any ground and will not
    terraform the ground underneath it. Also, now the forest cut down air and noise pollution.


    19 deciduous forests are added to the game.
    The add-on forests could be found in Pack > European Pack > Terrain.
    The tree will be randomly spread around a 100x100 area.
    There will be 1 to 40 trees (with an average of 20 trees) randomly generated for each click.


    If you plop the trees on a steep slope, the trees will appear to be "floating" on air.
    If you encounter any other bugs, please inform me.


    Currently, there isn't any compability issue.
    However, you must have installed jf2010's Deciduous Trees Mod for this mod to work.
    Otherwise, the game might clash.


    Special thank to jf2010 for his tree mod.
    Also thank to Kitsunebi for his idea on this mod.


    Please use only one of these version.
    01 Sep 2011 Normal forest mod: No air cleaning effect
    02 Sep 2011 Forest with mild pollution deduction
    02 Sep 2011 Forest with super pollution deduction: 10 times more powerful than above
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    Deciduous trees Mod (version 1 or version 2) by jf2010
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