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Transportation Fork Road Mod 1.00

The fork road connects expressway/six lane road to 4 smaller roads

  1. XL Nation Staff
    The fork road together with the custom 2-lane road is finally released. This mod supports all road type.
    If you having the beta version of the fork road, please delete that patch before installing this mod.


    The fork road connects expressway/six lane road to 4 smaller roads


    This mod includes the following add-on
    (1) Fork road which can be found in the highway menu
    Three type of fork road is included.
    The one way fork road can be used together with Pharmist's one way six lane road to create a bigger interchange.

    (2) 2-lane highway which can be found in road menu

    (3) 2-lane highway bridge which can be found in bridge menu
    Two types of elevated road is included. One of them is stone bridge.
    The other type is a road that will terraform the ground.

    Below is a video made by diScOpOlis to introduce the mod. Your effort is appreciated. [​IMG]
    His Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/diScOpOlisCXL?feature=mhee


    The fork road will allow the car to fade in and fade out when passing through it. Although the graphic
    sometimes shows the cars are stopping in front of the fork road, the emulator works fine.

    The custom highway will behave like the other highway. It will not have bus stop, will not snap to building
    and no pedestrians on the road. The road capacity is 80 cars per minute.


    After playing one city with a certain road type and want to load another city with different road type,
    the fork road will have the texture of formal city. Restart the game will solve the problem.

    There is some ugly looking pedestrian path appear when there is a junction.

    If you encounter any other bugs, please inform me.

    Compability issue

    OKC_fork_road_beta.patch Please remove the beta version of this mod
    Please contact me if you encounter one.


    Special thank to members of XLNation specially Hyperwolf, Snick25, Kitsunebi and mr-tom for their valuable advice.
    Also, I want to thank macko123456 and evergreen for helping in testing.


    I have also made a simple tutorial on how to use this mod which you can find here.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    OKC_fork_road_beta.patch Please remove the beta version of this mod
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 1.00
    There need to be some interchanges with this mod. It is nice to be able to build two-lane by two-lane interstates, but what good is it without interchanges?