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CJ Fort Cohen

Often Visited, Never Conquered

  1. Inan
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
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    Welcome to Fort Cohen!

    The City in the west of the N.U.R. is the capital of the state Orming and also its biggest city and economical and cultural centre as well. Fort Cohen is located at the border to the Blackwood Nationalpark. It is especially very popular and famous for the Fortress of the decadent british earls family Cohen. In its active time during 3 centuries it has never been conquered. The citys name comes from here.

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    Stats of Fort Cohen 2012

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Recent Updates

  1. More Closeups and the Fortress
  2. Closeups

Recent Reviews

  1. Drey 2
    Drey 2
    I loved your CJ I like the skyline of your city mainly from the old parts like the fort, the detailed squares a good job.
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thx! Updates of the fort are coming next!
  2. Drazicdesign
    Superb, this city I like! There are plenty of details! The card is well filled. In sum, you have done a crazy job!

    That being said, I agree with KIPATE on these observations.
    Some achievements deserve more realism! Especially the steel frame bridges!
    The fort is maybe a little too big, although it is perfectly realized!

    Obviously your city deserves the 5 stars, especially for your hard and remarkable work!

    Also I will finish by congratulating you for all your cities!
    You are one of the only ones to have presented so many city newspapers!

    Very impressive, Well done Mr. Inan!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you! As mentioned, i tried to so something different, for example a new highway layout and and elevated intersection. I thought i have seen curvy steel bridges in reality, for example in japan. But maybe i am wrong, i didnt think it could be unreal when building them. Thanks a lot for your great mods!
  3. solo
    another one already! 5 stars again, thank you for creating such cool cities for us to look at
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reviewing again! Nice folks like my work, that is appreciated very much.
  4. Luna
    Nice to see you back, Inan. Another excellent city with lots of details. I like the picture with the ferry port and the fortress.
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Oh, thank you! Yeah, stay tuned for more images of the fort. The ferry port took me several tries to get it executed that way i am satiesfied with it. Maybe also take a look of the passenger port in Port Hanson, you may find it nice too.
  5. Mr.X²
    Great work! Even though you are cutting off gulf stream to make europe a refrigerator :P
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Yeah, maybe you are right! But somehow the nature would have found a way through all those millions of years to make it liveable here! Thank you for the 5 stars!
    I've never had the patience like you to create such detailed city, I enjoy every one of your CJs here, keep it up!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you XOUSTE! Your cities are amazing and a benchmark for many other players! I always take some ideas out there.
  7. kipate
    Five stars! You are fast :) But maybe a bit too fast? There are some things that bug me a lot, and it's mostly concerning the traffic part of your city.

    I do wonder about the efficiency regarding the common ground road layout in combination with the all the bridges. I acknowledge that e.g. all these elevated intersections do spare some precious space, but they do not save time, do they? Maybe a complex highway system would have been more cost-efficient?

    What also bugs me a bit is the use of curvy steel bridges. You can build curvy bridges, but the steel parts still stand straight. I know it is due to the game mechanics, but it makes me grind my teeth :'D

    Also, it sometimes seems that you had brilliant ideas regarding traffic solutions, but time and space constraints hindered you from realizing them. At least I got this feeling when I saw some of your highway exits. I was like "hmmh... did he plan to extend some ramps here?".

    But generally, the city still is a masterpiece. It feels a bit like a collage of some of your very first cities (e.g. De Cleerk and New Hastings), and I absolutely enjoyed it.

    Of course, the fort is a true eye-catcher. I love the design and all the additional elements you added to underline the colonial atmosphere. I can't wait to read all the little anectodes about its history :)

    Same holds for the sports complex you created. Fantastic concept the nearby train station to avoid the necessity of too many parking lots, and of course splendid design, and you didn't overkill it with the Gateway Archs this time ;)

    Another big plus is the grade spearated highway that flows through the city. Great realization. As said, at parts I am not sure about the exits, but in general, I am delighted by what you built :)

    Last but not least I want to mention all the small and medium sized structures that you integrated perfectly into the city, e.g. the industrial complexes, the cultural buildings with their surroundings, and so on. So keep it up :)
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the elaborated review. Yeah, it is all a matter of taste. When creating 12 CJ, one will try to find some different solutions, something what hasn't yet been built or created in the previous cities. In Fort Cohen i didn't like to install a elevated highway system as i did before in almost every larger city. And a highway-system on the ground takes to many space and, beside that, i don't like groundlevel highways in inner cities... Regarding the cost-efficiency, i agree with you.

      And highway exits are not planned from the beginning all the time (the smaller ones), also not in reality. They are installed afterwards many times, it depends from traffic flows and routes of people going to work. Also, i guess the highway exits are not an artwork all the time, especially the smaller ones. Planned was the exit at the stadium area and the interchance a bit outside.

      Thanks for the positive words regarding trainstations, the fortress, and the design. The Gateway arch is something what i mean with "different solutions and crations". I used them in Osato the first time, CJ number 9 i think. Haven't seen that somewhere else before used that way. Now i think i have to avoid it the next time (Small island town)

      Stay tuned for further updates and informations. Thx for the 5 stars!

      By the way. I wasn't faster with that city as in my previous cities. As mentioned, i have a bad knee injury and can't do almost nothing... The number of hours played is rather the same as before...