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CJ Fort Ryan

A repost of my former CJ at the old site

  1. Ryan_cat
    Hi my friends.

    This city was built in 2014,and this is a repost from the old XLNation site.

    The city is one of those experimental mountainous cities I'd built before my last CJ:Chongqing,which is a complete mountainous city.
    As for this city, I worked a lot on the port area,and it's quite detailed;)
    9_1 - 副本_conew1.jpg
    Port area
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    The tunnel
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    On the hillside
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    Good Bye,Fort Ryan
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Recent Reviews

  1. haoyes100
    some details r just awesome and inspiring ~~~ the tunnels, bridges...are just so alive! amazing work!
  2. kipate
    Another masterpiece by you, great job! Your works with bridges and roads in general is impressive!!!
  3. Wibi
    Beautiful and well organized piece of chaos. Such a complex city thats well put through. Love the use of leveled roads. #inspiration!
  4. Inan
    Very good effort! I like the transition to the harbor area. Nice work!
  5. Josephlonde
    Great! Great! I'll wait for more pics!
  6. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    I love how you constructed your tunnel, very cleaver... I shall use your idea now! Great inspiration.
  7. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    That was pretty good. I do not know how you did all of that with the sloped roads, but that was cool.
  8. Artmaster
    Impeccable design, especially in the industrial port areas and with highways and slopes. For an old CJ, it's refreshing to see!
  9. Игорь
    Good work, GPS map please
  10. Drazicdesign
    I like this city, Long live the concrete!
    It is good to have taken time to download it on the new XL NATION