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CJ French city

french city under construction

  1. macbert006
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    levelscreen0001.jpg megascreen0002.PNG megascreen0003.PNG megascreen0004.PNG megascreen0005.PNG megascreen0006.PNG megascreen0007.PNG megascreen0011.PNG megascreen0012.PNG megascreen0013.PNG megascreen0014.PNG megascreen0007.PNG megascreen0007.PNG megascreen0002.PNG megascreen0004.PNG megascreen0005.PNG megascreen0006.PNG megascreen0007.PNG French city under construction
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  1. New pic

Recent Reviews

  1. ObelicS
    Great start man !
    I hope you will continue your work on this city.
    Then would be easy 5 stars ! :)
  2. Chencho
    Very realistic City
  3. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    I love the attention to complimentary colors. I, however, do not agree with previous comments about the bridges. I think some of the rises are a bit exaggerated. I hope you expand the amount of house mods you'll use too. All-in-all this is a wonderful start.
  4. cagataycakiroglu-xl
    City looks great! I am sure as it develops it will look better. Also, how did you change the roof colors of the Paris Pack buildings? Thanks!
    1. macbert006
      Author's Response
      I customized aitortilla01's mod but It bring some bug with unskilled house even on original mod. anyway I can share it if aitortilla01 agreed.
  5. kipate
    Really lovely Journal!
    Finally someone who also is trying to make bridges as smooth as possible!

    Love the atmosphere!

    And good job with train station and the railtracks!

    Only thing I dislike was that you do not really have a journal, it is mostly photos...