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CJ Gap city

Latin city between two hills(under construction)

  1. yandzz
    Gap is a city in Latin style, still in development!

    Aerial vews:
    gamescreen0014.jpg gamescreen0018.jpg gamescreen0019.jpg gamescreen0039.jpg

    Panoramic views:
    gamescreen0037.jpg gamescreen0035.jpg gamescreen0052.jpg gamescreen0070.jpg

    gamescreen0040.jpg gamescreen0042.jpg gamescreen0043.jpg gamescreen0044.jpg gamescreen0046.jpg

    gamescreen0017.jpg gamescreen0020.jpg gamescreen0022.jpg gamescreen0023.jpg

    Street views:
    gamescreen0047.jpg gamescreen0048.jpg gamescreen0050.jpg gamescreen0055.jpg gamescreen0057.jpg gamescreen0061.jpg gamescreen0064.jpg gamescreen0072.jpg

    highway interchanges:
    gamescreen0027.jpg gamescreen0028.jpg gamescreen0029.jpg gamescreen0031.jpg gamescreen0032.jpg

    The city is under construction !
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Recent Reviews

  1. iStarZ_51
    Where does he have these Highways textures ? I love it !
  2. juankaport
    One of my favourites
  3. Grisou
    Your zoning is perfect, and the airport is very realistic. waiting for more progress.
  4. jpops808
    If the rest of the city when it's developed looks as good as those interchanges, it will be an amazing city. You must have a lot a patience to get those perfect circles!
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      yes i take my time, thank's
    this style is clearly different from anyother cities,i like it!
    1. yandzz
  6. Sigfried
    Beautiful city¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    1. yandzz
  7. Artmaster
    how'd you get your interchanges so perfect? and in the last pic the curve on the ped path tiriangle seems impossible...how'd you do that? great work, keep improving the outer areas! :)
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      I just take my time, and sometimes I build and destroy the same interchange many times until have the best curves and sometimes it takes 15 minutes or more. thank you for your voting, I really appreciate!
  8. BigManFromAFRICA88
    Honestly...if you keep building with this style of detailed realism, this will truly be one of the best city journals on this site. Absolutely exquisite; I envy you so much right now! :)
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      lol , thank you!
  9. Teddy Radko
    Teddy Radko
    great detail and realism, leaves me wanting more
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      thank's , more pics soon.
  10. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Your interstate system is really good, your parks are alright, and your airport is okay. Your city is so dense, though! Also, I only saw two stores (both Wal-Mart) and one diner. Put at least [b]a few[/b] low-density areas in your city. Also, I recommend putting a few more stores into your city. Just a few!
    1. yandzz
      Author's Response
      there are other shops, and the city is not yet finished, but thank you for the advice.