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Retail Gas Station v1.10

Simple unlock mod with some bonus

  1. XL Nation Staff
    About mod:

    Unlocking gas stations as retail buildings. There are 3 stations by one in all retail sections

    gamescreen0006.jpg gamescreen0007.jpg

    They don't automatically appear in zones, so can be built only with "Individual Placement" enabled.
    Gas station produce "retail" resources and consuming "fuel".

    XLN_bandit_GasStation_CLM benefits from security so you need latest Crime and Leisure add-on (basebuildings patch only) and can be placed on water using Over Water Placement Building Set button from UIM.

    XLN_bandit_GasStation_standalone works without any other mods.

    Known issues:

    This wass made for CXL2012 so it will conflict with Unlocker mod v5 on CXL2011.


    Works on both CXL2011(if Unlocker mod not installed) and CXL2012.
    I made this buildings exactly same like retail just to have them in my cities but i think they should work different. Write your suggestions how you think they should work [​IMG]
    If requested i can make this standalone without UIM and CLM.

    To Altiris and soltan gris for they great mods.

    P.S. sorry for my bad english [​IMG]
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    Latest XL Nation User Interface MOD

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v1.10
    This mod works great in just about any type of city. The file size is not too big, either. It is a good download.
  2. Rene
    Version: v1.10
    Excellente exiscmo.
  3. gseid87
    Version: v1.10
    Great job!