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CJ Gotham City

The real definitive city of the Batman

  1. Bruce Wayne
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Gotham City is located in New Jersey, in the Great Bay. It is part of the Gotham County. The main city, the island of Gotham City, has about 6 million inhabitants, the whole County has a population of 9 million people.

    Taking off from Gotham airport.jpg

    Country: United States of America
    State: New Jersey

    Mayor: James Gordon
    Vice Mayor: Helena Rosa Bertinelli

    3 Uptown view 2.jpg

    It is located in the Great Bay, in New Jersey. It is 2h away from New York City and 3h from Washington DC.

    The metropolis is worldwide known as fine center of intellectuality, education and it is an important international financial center, second in importance only to Wall Street. It is as well known as the city of the Batman, the mob and police corruption. After the great earthquake and the years of civil war after that event, the city has been divided in South (downtown) and North (uptown) after a deal between USA Government and the mob: the South has been reconstructed almost entirely by the mob itself, while the North became one of the most elegant and upper-class places in the United States, home to some of the most influential people of the Country.

    4 View from the Hope Tower.jpg 25 View of the French Quarter.jpg 23 View of the Old Town.jpg 27 View from 302 Sprang Boulevard.jpg

    Downtown, in Diamond District, close to Lady Gotham, there is the HQ of FBI, CIA, NSA and several embassies, as well as one of the most popular universities, the school of international politics.

    Government Buildings.jpg

    The city has one big airport, located on Downtown Hill, the Archie Goodwin International Airport, and it is the second airport. The biggest one is located in the Gotham County, the Thomas and Martha Wayne International Airport.

    The level of quality life is much better than before the Earthquake, it is indeed called the new era, after the events that brought Gotham to a new era of peace.

    Robinson Road - one of the most beautiful streets.jpg

    The Batman has not been seen for more than 10 years.

    Gotham City was founded by a Norwegian mercenary in 1635, John Loguerquist. The Dutch took over in 1700 for several years, in which the city became one of the richest places, thank to the strategic position. British took over at the end of 1700. During the American Revolutionary War, Gotham was the site of a major battle and rumors held it to be the site of various occult rites.

    The city is well known for being the HQ of the Italian mob since the beginning of 1900. The 2 biggest mob families, Romano and Falcone, has been living in Gotham since then.

    At the beginning of the sixties, an event shocked the community: two notable personalities of the city, Thomas and Martha Wayne, were killed by a robber, Joe Chill, in front of their son Bruce. After that, the situation in Gotham got worse and worse.

    The Government, worried by the situation, sent over to the city the young captain Gordon from Chicago, known as a honest and determined policeman. Once in the new department, powerful enemies are immediately made, from commissioner Loeb to detective Arnold Flass, as well as the extremely dangerous Mafia boss Carmine Falcone.

    During the 90s the war against the mob started. Captain James Gordon, District Attorney Harvey Dent and a mysterious character called Batman team up and in a few years destroyed the Falcone and Romano crime network. At the same time, a mysterious character called Festa started to kill Falcone’s members.

    This is also the period in which bizarre and extremely dangerous characters started to appear in the city, the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman among them, and a new war against the caos started.

    Harvey Dent’s face was disfigured with acid during a trial against a member of Falcone’s organization. He then got crazy and became the criminal known as Two Face.

    In 2000 new events shocked the city. The most important was the 7.6 Richter scale Earthquake that destroyed Gotham. The city was declared No man’s land by the Government, leaving the entire territory in the hands of different gangs that tried to conquer different areas of Gotham. Eventually, Commisioner Gordon along with Batman, Batgirl and other characters restored order.

    US Government, new city Institutions and the mob made a deal at the end of the war of gangs: the mob left the uptown part of the city free but they gained the control of the entire territories of Diamond District, East End and Gotham Docks. The boss of the mob is now Oswald Cobblepot.

    Since that deal, the city was rebuilt almost entirely becoming a nice place to live. Uptown is well known in the entire country as one of the finest and upper-class areas, center of important universities, financial institutions, theaters and fashion places. In the territory controlled by the mob the Government build up the HQ of secret services, CIA, FBI and NSA.

    Aparo Drive.jpg Carmine Infatino Gardens.jpg Gotham Law Library.jpg Gotham Law Library.jpg

    Gotham City is now a rich place, daily destination of tourists from everywhere. A monument dedicated to the tragic event of the Earthquake has been built in Diamond District, the arch in “No man’s land Square Park”.

    9 No man's land Square Park.jpg Liberty Promenade.jpg

    The mayor of the city is James Gordon, former Commissioner, and as vice-mayor the teacher at Gotham High School Helena Bertinelli, secretly known as Batgirl during “No man’s land” events.

    Bludhaven Park.jpg National Library - Gotham Otisburg.jpg St. Luke Street - St. Luke Hospital.jpg

    Bruce Wayne founded the Wayne Tech, building a huge technological and research center uptown, in the north of the city.

    10 Headquarter of Wayne Tech - Uptown.jpg 1st Avenue on Marble Road - New Town.jpg 1st Avenue - Amsterdam Avenue - Gotham Heights District .jpg

    The Batman disappeared and nobody saw him in the last 10 years. A statue in his honor is erected inside the City hall.

    Gotham City Hall.jpg Gotham Hall Park.jpg

    It is connected to the mainland by several underwater tunnels and bridges. It has 11 metro lines and 3 train stations, as well as 55 bus lines. It is one of the most expensive cities in the United States with a highly developed real estate market, a very dynamic labor market and technological center of importance in the country.

    8 Robinson Park.jpg 15 Robert Kane Bridge.jpg 23 View of the Old Town.jpg 25 View of the French Quarter.jpg


    1. 5 View from Arkham Hill.jpg
    2. 14 The Gotham University.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    Nice start for a beginner :) I liked your story, it was quite amusing :'D I have to say that I think you got some nice ideas regarding concepts on recreational space for example, but it seems that at parts you lost a bit of your motivation and patience and built rather in a rush.

    My advice is to start small. Take one idea and focus on it. Use some more mods, too, they will surely enable you to realize the creations of your mind ;)

    Also, it is always worth to look at the city journals of other players, e.g. the ones by @Inan :) Keep it up!
  2. Inan
    I'll give you a motivating mark. You do not have many mods it seems, but you gave a lot of dedication to your city. Of course i like the background story :D Keep on building, and get more mods ;)