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CJ Gothoni

citу, corporation, petroleum

  1. Zahar
    Welcome to Gothoni! This city is a city-corporation. Thanks to petroleum the company, the city grows and develops.

    The population of the city a little over 500 thousand people.

    Gothoni specializes in all areas of the oil industry and science in the field of petrochemicals and petroleum. Also are located here enterprise for the production of building materials.

    The city government has decided to abandon public transport, because the reluctance of the majority of residents live in apartment buildings. Locals prefer to live in a private house, which contributes to the low population density. In such circumstances, public transportation is not profitable.

    I am sorry for my bad English :)

    cxl_screenshot_Готон_29.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_7.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_8.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_33.jpg eAOKhhO1LXQ.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_35.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_13.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_17.jpg fmxWAWz3kMk.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_15.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_39.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_20.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_21.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_32.jpg f2GgZDhmgJo.jpg cxl_screenshot_Готон_49.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. omartiz955
    Beautiful city!! I loved the highway system :D
  2. ARCHitect
    Even though i don't like American styled cities, i loved your city
  3. streptojomeini
    Amazing city you have here dude! I really like the details and your highway interchangers, pretty beautiful!
  4. snick
    Great layout and highway system! Love that desert feeling; the parks are a nice touch.
  5. FussionM
    Very nice layout and matching CBD
  6. streetsofny
    I like the style of the city and the highways a lot!
    Congrats :)
    1. Zahar
      Author's Response
      Thank you)
  7. kipate
    Good looking city!!!
    I'm not a fan of that American layout,
    though, but you did a good job.
    Of course, some things can be refined,
    but all in all, it is really good!
    1. Zahar
      Author's Response
      What kind of things can be clarified?