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CJ Grandville

City where the old meets the new.

  1. Macedonicus
    Grandville is the capital city of the Republic of Petrodonia. It's a city in development, formed of several districts and industrial zones. The city is a great economical, industrial and business center.

    The transportation system in Grandville is functioning properly. There are many 3x3 boulevards and Highway Ringroad around the city which makes the travelling easier.
    The are 3 bus lines and an infrastructure for tram which is still not in usage. It's planned to be activated in near future.
    Airport is planned to be built near the Industrial District I.
    Subway is not considered for now.

    Population (coming soon)

    Sightseeing (coming soon)

    Natural landmarks (coming soon)

    Sports and Leisure (coming soon)

    Culture (coming soon)

    District Map:

    Aerial view of the city (1):

    Aerial view of the city (2) (After I made some changes with the buildings and the bridge)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    I love this start. My only constructive criticism is that it appears too clean/organized. Unless this is what you are going for. Don't get me wrong, I think this is an A city, just feel there needs to be just a wee bit of randomness thrown in.
    1. Macedonicus
      Author's Response
      Thanks Kurtis. I like it that way, I'm aiming to make it as cleaner/more organized as possible. But there might be a moment when I decide to add some chaotic things in it :D Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it and I'm glad you like my city.
  2. Alex24
    already looking forward to the next updates :)
    1. Macedonicus
      Author's Response
      Thanks :) I'll try to update it as much as possible, considering my limited time with college.
  3. heonetsung
    The city is lovely so far.
    Just, think that the bridge on the right is a little bit high.
    For those duplicated buildings, if your city is aiming to be a middle-sized city with less than 1M population, it is better to spread them out. But in my opinion, if a city is a metroplis which means large and dense, sometimes volume buildings is neccesary as they are cheaper in original design and meteral requirements so can make up to the land price.
    1. Macedonicus
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the comment. The height of the bridge can't be fixed mostly because of the position, it's linking two banks with seawall on both sides so that makes it harder, but I will try to do something about it :) As for the population, I plan to increase it up to maybe 500k or 600k, and maybe some day up to 1 M. Again, thank you for the advice, this is my first city journal and I appreciate every criticism.
  4. jpops808
    I really like what you've done so far! One minor criticism, there's a few too many of the doughnut buildings (Monty's Condos, I think) they really stand out and you might want to spread them out a bit. Otherwise fantastic!
    1. Macedonicus
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the comment and I totally agree with you about the Monty Condos. Will gladly make some changes :)