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CJ Great Lake City

Where everyone wants to live.

  1. omartiz955
    I've worked in this city for a while, is not finished yet, therefore I'll show you some general views and info of this wonderful city...hope you like it! :)

    **Territorial organization:

    This city is a metropoli composed by 2 cities in 2 different states of the Kingdom of East States.

    The south side of the metropoli is called North Valley City, in the state of Hofland, while the nort city is called Santa Fe, in the state of Adistel.


    **The flag of the Kingdom:

    Great Lake Flag.jpg

    -White: Hope.
    -Cian: Peace.
    -Red: Blood of the fallen.
    -Black: Something like the memory and respect for the fallen.
    -Crown: The Crown of the Kingdom.

    **Geography and Weather:

    The city has a temperate and warm weather in the summer, so you can swim in the lake. In winter is cold and rainy.

    Great Lake City is very rich in potable water, because of the main great lake (that actually is a big river that forms a lake in an old crater) and some lakes more at some kilometers around the city. The river flows from West to East, as well as the wind, unless is winter, because the wind flows from the north.

    GLC is surrounded by some mountains with little height.


    Both cities has different economical sources, Santa Fe has a economy focussed on Industry and Businesses, while Santa Lucia is focussed on Tourism of cultural and of sport and spectacles of different kinds.

    The state of Arstel also earns money by the water and technological devices that export. While Hofland has tourism and agricultural focus.

    --Some data:

    *Santa Fe:
    -GDP per capita: 57,000 USD
    -GDP nominal: 220.3 billion
    -HDI: .910

    *Santa LucĂ­a:
    -GDP per capita: 45,000 USD
    -GDP nominal: 157.5 billion
    -HDI: .901






    -Road map (I will put some avenue names in the next update)


    **Some general views:

    View from the parking of the convention center to the Samsung HQ
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _371.jpg
    The Busy Downtown
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _314.jpg
    View from the Montemayor Bridge
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _429.jpg
    A Ferry to the Downtown

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _417.jpg
    View to the Mall and Corporate Zone

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _395.jpg
    View from the Chanel 3 HQ Roof Garden
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _380.jpg
    Downtown lights
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _331.jpg
    Another of the Downtown and the parks

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _329.jpg
    Luxury Hotel Construction Site

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _354.jpg
    Airport Suburbs

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _334.jpg

    The 11 Club
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _305.jpg
    Aerial Night View of Santa Fe
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _290.jpg
    Aerial view of Santa Fe
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _288.jpg
    Sport City

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _282.jpg

    Classic Downtown of Santa Lucia
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _276.jpg
    Downtown Santa Lucia and Montemayor Memorial

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _273.jpg
    St. Lucia Marina

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _269.jpg
    Independence Avenue, St. Lucia

    cxl_screenshot_great lake _265.jpg
    Antique Governor's House in Santa Fe Park
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _224.jpg cxl_screenshot_great lake _214.jpg
    Morning in Great Lake City!
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _169.jpg
    Yatch in the morning
    cxl_screenshot_great lake _165.jpg

    *Spanish is my mother tongue, so I apologize if something is bad written*

    Hope you like it, see you in the updates !! :D
    XOUSTE and kipate like this.

Recent Reviews

  1. teo4
    This is wonderful
  2. Darth Vader
    Darth Vader
    Well done.That must be a good place to live.
    1. omartiz955
      Author's Response
      Thank you! yes, I loved it too, unfortunately I lost the city on a game crash haha :(
  3. hasif
    Excellent.. what a wonderful sty and compliment goes to the brain.
    1. omartiz955
      Author's Response
      thank you :D
  4. Trustime
    Great city, looks realistic. Nice work :)
    1. omartiz955
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)
  5. Rodyna
    4 star. Because I don't like "chessboard structure".
    But the general city view is great!
    1. omartiz955
      Author's Response
      thanks :D
  6. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    5/5 Awesome city, awesome backstory!
    1. omartiz955
      Author's Response
      Thank you! and thank you all for the comments :)
  7. Inan
    3,5 - 4 stars! You show some good ideas, i like the gardens and the circuit. That landing strip next to the nuclear power plant may cause problems... :-)
  8. Ze_Doc
    some very good screenshots, very good building repartition and plan ; a tiny bit too griddy , a lil bit too much space between low and mid dense buildings ; some clustered landmarks and too much different styles are the only small points i would have played differently ......
    Looks nice,especially the skylines. there is a question,your city's name is a little strange,you mean Great Lake City or Great Like City?
    1. omartiz955
      Author's Response
      hahahaha, sorry! is L-A-ke of course, thank you :D