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CJ Greyton

History of a city: Greyton Station and Bethesda Bridge

  1. Bomml
    in this CJ i'd like to show the historic development of my latest City: Greyton.
    St. Stephanus Cathedral in Bethesda

    Greyton is an old city.
    Founded hundrets of years ago in an natural harbor area, it grew quickly to become one of the most important port cities in the region.

    You can see the oldest part of Greyton including Musquinal Church on the right side of the map. The other two areas called Bethesda (middle) and Omega (left) developed quickly after finishing Musquinal Church.
    Greyton Map

    Musquinal Church was the first ever to be build prestige building in Greyton paid by Greytons traders. It was donated upon complementation hoping for further wealth and fortune from trade.
    Musquinal Church

    I'll be updating on a regular basis.
    Hope you liked it.​
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Recent Updates

  1. Greater Greyton Area
  2. Greyton Station and Bethesda Bridge
  3. Grand Palace

Recent Reviews

  1. Puss in boots
    Puss in boots
    I really love a cj like this.

    Exellent work sir!
  2. Supersnake
    Nice. I wait for more pictures to go to five stars.
  3. dlimpens
    nice city, I would love to see more overview pictures of the whole city to give you more stars...
  4. kipate
    I raise it to 5 stars now. Of course, it yet does not have
    the overall masterpiece look, but that's not necessary
    for a natural growth based CJ, at least not in my humble opinion.
    Your ideas and the way you present them is very good.
    You may not yet show really complex city networks,
    nonetheless, it heads into the right direction, and I would love to
    see more of Greyton :)
    1. Bomml
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much. More complex networks are planned. Actually I'm building one at the moment. Maybe I have more of it in the next episode. When Greyton enters the time of cars and highways there'll definitly be a highway system :)
  5. skullz613
    Nice to see what people do with my maps. Looks really good.
  6. griffin
    i like the midevil feel
  7. metrocity345
    Wow!!! A natural growth city journal for Cities XL. Keep up the good work on it!!
  8. Sigfried
    Very nice. Good work
  9. Peter912
    A pretty nice city i say, i like naturlagrowth CJs, but sadly i cant do something like that :(
  10. streetsofny
    Very promising, I like the european atmosphere!!