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CJ Grosvenor, New Albana

The progressive, modern city with a rich history.

  1. Grosvenor Airport Expansion

    Grosvenor Airport Corporation (GAC), a privately-owned corporation that owns and manages Grosvenor International Airport, has recently released a new blueprint for the future expansion of the airport.

    Grosvenor Airport currently handles 16 million domestic passengers and 7 million international passengers annually. The Federal Government of New Albana and GAC recently came into agreement that the passenger movement at Grosvenor Airport will increase to at least 35 million altogether by...
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  2. Map Update (October 2017)

    Well, Grosvenor has definitely grown a lot since the last map update (see here: CJ - Grosvenor, New Albana)! The last map update was nearly 10 months ago. By the looks of it, the map is now approximately 65% full and I will continue until it is full.

    Untitled 2.png

    Since February 2017, I have been working on/off on a wide range of major development and infrastructure projects across the city such as Grosvenor International Airport and the new M1 motorway....
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  3. Grosvenor CBD Timelapse (1954 - 2017)







    1988.png ...
  4. Local Area Profile: The City of Moseley

    Local Area Profile #1:


    Local Council Area
    Aerial map of the City of Moseley LGA

    After the settlement of Grosvenor in 1790, Moseley is one of the oldest British colonial settlements in New Albana. Moseley was founded in 1792 and subsequently proclaimed a part of the Colony of Grosvenor. The settlement was located on the northern banks of Moseley River approximately 2 kilometres east from...
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  5. M1 East Extension Community Consultation

    The Government of New Albana is now seeking the public opinion of which one of three different alignment options for the future motorway extension of the M1. This project has been officially named as the M1 East.

    The rationale behind this motorway extension proposal is that the M1 is the only motorway-standard infrastructure in New Albana. The existing M1 was built in 2009 linking from Ovingham (3km west of the CBD) to the South Coast via Grosvenor Airport. It is the busiest transport...
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  6. Neighbourhoods of Grosvenor

    Grosvenor Airport and the southwestern suburbs
    The commuter railway connection to Grosvenor Airport actually has been on the agenda of numerous Federal governments since the construction of the airport in the mid-1940s. There have been several proposals from key stakeholders including the Federal Government of New Albana and the private sector to build a new "railway spur" that branches off from the existing Shorncliffe line. The most...
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  7. Port Grosvenor Local Plan 2017-2037

    Aerial view of Port Grosvenor
    Today, the Metropolitan Planning Board (MPB) for Grosvenor and the City of Port Grosvenor municipal council both have released the new Local Plan for the Port Grosvenor area. The new local plan for Port Grosvenor was implemented under the direct planning order from the Federal Government of New Albana primarily to update the now obsolete 1997-2017 Local Plan.

    Brief overview:
    Port Grosvenor is one of...
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  8. Map of Grosvenor

    As you can see, it is still largely a work in progress. As CiM2 maps are vastly huge (and lack of in-game options to place buildings other than placing them individually, one by one), the development of Grosvenor is slow as a result. Because of this, I decided to focus on major suburban centres and satellite cities surrounding central Grosvenor which is evident in the map below.


    Based on the map above, it clearly demonstrates a well-designed...
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  9. City Orbital Rail Proposal (2022)

    BREAKING: Grosvenor City Council is now pushing ahead the $3.5 billion underground rail proposal that could potentially solve the exacerbating congestion at Grosvenor Queen Street railway station.

    The new underground rail loop around the Central Business District was seen as a long-term solution for serious congestion at Queen Street station primarily due to its design as the 'dead-end' railway terminus. Even though the station currently has ten platforms (capacity of 1,700 trains a...
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