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CJ Hamidiye Metropolitan City

Cosmopolitan Turkish Metropol

  1. WolkaN


    Silhouette of Hamidiye


    Heritage Tram from the old city of Hamidiye


    Path of Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church


    An Historical street and mansion in old city of Hamidiye


    The Wall of Old Hamidiye and Hamid Pasha Mosque from the coast of Caferağa District


    Hamidiye from Marmara Sea

    Coming Soon!


    1. istanbul_buyuksehir_belediyesi-logo1.jpg
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  1. Hamidiye Metropolitan City

Recent Reviews

  1. deejayamt
    selam bu oyunu oynayan türkiyeden varmı diye merak ediyordum şehir resimleri daha varmı elinde.?
  2. Jotaere
    Biz daha görmek gerekir!
    Nice work! Waiting for more though...
  3. pingyao
    Great start, nice historical city, await further pics and an over view of the while city.
  4. streetsofny
    Looks promising but in my opinion a CJ must start at least with 4 or 5 pictures for have an idea of the city, despite of that, your picture is amazing :)
    1. WolkaN
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot :) A few pictures came :)
  5. Scheikowski
    I'm impatient to see new photos.
    Güzel bir çalışma olacağa benziyor kolay gelsin :)
    1. WolkaN
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot :)
      Çok teşekkür ederim :) Bir kaç resim daha geldi :)