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CJ Hanholm

Modern European City

  1. Update 4

    Satelite night picture :)

    Satelite night view.jpg
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  2. Night shots and skethings





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  3. Rainy days in Hanholm

    According to weather in Croatia here it goes, rainy update. :)

    Despite its northern location, Hanholm has relatively mild weather compared to other locations at similar latitude, or even farther south. With an average of just over 1800 hours of sunshine per year, it is also one of the sunniest cities in Northern Europe, receiving more sunshine than Paris, London and a few other major European cities of a more southerly latitude....
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  4. Public transport

    Hanholm has an extensive public transport system, one that, by at least one measure, is the most expensive in the world cause of many underwater tunnels and deep metro construction.
    It consist of Hanholm metro, tram systems and large number of...