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CJ Haselbourg

The queen of the Hasel bay

  1. Dan Cobuti
    Dan Cobuti
    Which is the main building in the first picture? Can someone share the download link for it, please?
  2. soviet_killer
    Looks good, I for one am trying something similar, but mind sharing what mods you used?
  3. BahadirB
    Very promising for the first city journal! Congratulations.

    I like the way you introduce your city to us, as you detail the neighbourhoods and parks etc. Particularly, I love the skyline, and the transition from the Hausmann buildings to the modern high rises.

    But as noted earlier, your city is too repetitive. Particularly the pictures following those of the port gives the feeling of living in a prison. I mean, no city is that much perfect, you might consider putting some other buildings to break the monotonous placement of the residential blocks.

    Two small details: First, I guess nobody wants to be near the two stadiums whenever there are games, simply because the traffic jam is going to be massive as you do not have any park lots nearby.

    Second: I love your olympic park, but you should pay attention to the distance! Walking from one sports facility to another might take almost half an hour! While you can customise the plazas, you can also put some light- and/or mono-rail systems to connect the otherwise unconnected facilities.

    Overall, your city seems promising, but instead of covering all the map with repeating structures/designs, you should focus on smaller areas where you can be more creative to come with a more original citybuilding approach of yours.
  4. lennon77
    Echo en falta zonas agricolas y sobre todo industriales, que creo que darian mas realismo a tu ciudad. Tambien echo en falta alguna autopista que conecte con otras ciudades y como dijo Kipate. bajo mi punto de vista, a lo que mas trabajo le hace falta, es a tus parques. Los encuentro demasiado grandes y muy monotonos. Asi como la torre burj kalifa y la torre de tokyo, creo que no pegan nada en tu ciudad. Aun asi, te doy las cinco estrellas, por la distribucion de tus carreteras, y por toda esa zona antigua, estilo Paris, que se por experiencia lo laborioso que es de hacer. Y obviamente por el numero de habitantes. Felicidades
  5. Anonymous
    Not so creative, but interesting.
  6. kipate
    Good start! I love your description of the city, it makes me "feel" the city itself, good job!

    Also, good work on the skyline as well as on the geometry of the old town!

    But, two things: although I like the geometry, I think you repeated the pattern too often.
    Also, I would recommend the use of more mods, e.g. to be able to work on micro projects. Your plazas around the Olympic stadia are too big in my opinion, some more detailed plazas, some parking lots, that would help abit :)

    Maybe you work on some smaller village the next time and focus on details a bit more? ;)
  7. Samuel Monteiro
    Samuel Monteiro
    Adorei, muito bonita e alinhada