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CJ Hedegaarde

Don't miss the new update: "ROOFS OF HEDEGAARDE"

  1. ARCHitect
    01.jpg Inspired by:

    Scandinavian cities (Stockholm)
    German cities (Frankfurt & Î’erlin)
    UK cities (London)

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Excellent City Journal meanwhile!!!
    I have watched it since you started, and I think
    the city is finally large enough to be rated.

    Your Style of building an European Block City is impressive,
    but of course, I would opine that some streets do look rather
    boring, due to consisting of alwas the same buildings.
    Maybe here it would have been better to mix it with some
    other buildings, e.g. some variations of in-game buildings by
    Asterian... But all in all, I would not say this was a major critique.

    I do like the little recreation areas you placed, it is really
    reminding me of some German cities that I visited in the past,
    and it is a pleasure to see such recreation areas/parks close to the water,
    as one of my slogans was to use the water!
    This way, what would you say about an update that deals
    with some race by cayaks through the waters of the city?
    I mean, there are some tiny row boats that come with the Ship Mod,
    they could be used for such...

    I have to admit that I do like the CBD you made, although
    I do rather prefer culminating CBDs, meaning that you don't go
    from zero to sky within just one block.
    But the composition of the buildings and structures was chosen very wisely,
    and I love it :)

    At some parts, I would have wished for a bit more decorative elements,
    e.g. some furniture, but I do understand that a finished city was of higher value than one fully decorated plaza, and maybe this will be gradually added once the city was finished.

    Your Photoshop skills are exquisite, I really loved the
    Upgrade that dealt with views over the rooftops, well done.

    Cannot wait to see more of your city, hope it does not crash,
    so please, make backups on regular base.

    Excellent Job!!!
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      I am really glad you like it and really thankful about your comments! I appreciate them.

      So just to be fair, I completely agree with all of your critique. Some blocks-neighbourhoods-streets are indeed boring but any other limitless construction pack would ''ruin'' my neat Scandinavian-German style (I know that's not true though eheh).

      Green spaces and water are the most idyllic places in which people can do recreation stuff in my opinion. As an architecture-urban planner student, I just chose my thesis to be an urban requalification area with a speciality in that field, so you can imagine I love projecting by the water :)

      I'm planning to release another update soon which will have all the basic stuff of the city and the info needed. Then I will split it into subjects and districts (upcoming updates)

      P.s. I am baking up every time I quit the game, so fingers crossed :) I won't be in troubles

      Again... thank you for your kind comments
  2. Grisou
    Great job and very realistic city !
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much!
  3. ode1299
    I liked the European style blocks very much, great work!
    1. ARCHitect
  4. vallamir
    Amasing city !!
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  5. nicknick
    Brilliantand well executed!
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      I really appreciate your rate! Thank you very much! It's time to complete some parts of the city and start a CJ
  6. Fjarlaegur
    I love that tiny island thing with a landmark on it! Very nice and tidy also, I hope to see more!
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate! I will post a mass update when i will have some things done :)
  7. Radiant Dawn
    Radiant Dawn
    It looks like a lot of cjs I've seen before, but pretty good nonetheless. I always to kinda like seeing European style cities.
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      Thanks for reviewing. However the German pack makes all the cities to look like each other. Stay tuned for more updates as the photos I posted show only a bit of the city and not its true character
  8. yandzz
    great work, very realistic !
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      Thank u very much! :)
  9. Nogerivan
    excelent city, very neat
    altough it looks empty without trees (or the trees disappear?)
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for reviewing :) Well, there are a lot of organised parks maybe the point of view I chose to take the photos, isn't good enough for showing them
  10. cityguru
    good CJ! Sad you didn't build a large cathedral and other landmarks such as musuems and stuff like that!
    1. ARCHitect
      Author's Response
      Thanks for reviewing :) The city still lacks basic stuff which i have to add in the first official update (some time in the near future). I will take some proper photos and you will see what's inside the historical centre. Stay tunned ;)