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Main commercial port of France

  1. ObelicS
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Hello everybody :) Finally finished city !
    After Venega crashed I didnt have much choice but to build another city :whistle:

    Thanks to all modders and thanks to whole XL community, cause without you this would not have any meaning.



    Helenas is a city in France, located on France's north west coast and is the second largest city in France, after Paris, with a population of 1,650.000.

    Helenas was historically the most important trading centre in the region and functioned as the main commercial port of the French Empire. Helenas is now France's largest city on the Northern coast and the largest port for commerce, and fright ships.


    The city of Helenas is divided into 7 municipial arrondissements, which are themselves informally divided into quartiers (45 in total).

    Arrondissement North460.000 Population

    Arrondissement West 340.000 Population

    Arrondissement Upper East170.000 Population

    Arrondissement South220.000 Population

    Arrondissement Lower East260.000 Population

    Arrondissement Centre North80.000 Population

    Arrondissement Centre South - 120,000 Population


    Overall pictures of the city

    View over South Centre to North Centre

    Mitre beach - one of the relaxing places in Helenas. Situated in Centre North.

    Le Roche park in Doree district.

    South centre riverbank

    Helenas Blague port - one of 3 ports in Helenas. Also main logistics centre in France. On the picture we can see Blague Tower, 203m high.
    Blague port and Thiers port

    Panorama from Blague Tower

    Panorama from Arrondissement South to North of the city
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Les Goudes square

    This is typical residential district in Northern part of the city.

    Aerial view from Tiers industrial zone.

    Aerial shot of CBD Mitre.

    View from Valbarell to eastern parn of the city.

    Dont forget to check amazing updates ! :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. lennon77
    The panoramic of blague port. I had to check to see if it was a real photo of a city. Congratulations
  2. afteq
    Sprawling! Reminds me of some huge Asian metropolis!
    1. ObelicS
      Author's Response
      Asian metropolis ? Did you even see the CJ ? hahah
  3. Jake Wade
    Jake Wade
    Really like the realism of this city. Great photos too!
  4. forzasvw
    The best and realistic City i've seen for long time
    1. ObelicS
      Author's Response
      Ty man ! Glad to hear that :)
  5. Tim Scritchfield
    Tim Scritchfield
    Great looking city. Nicely done
  6. toop
    I not have words your city and beautiful
    1. ObelicS
      Author's Response
      ty man ! :)
  7. Anonymous
    Amazing, Thanks
  8. tiki100
    Gyönyörű város!!! HUN
  9. streetsofny
    Cool city and nice pictures :P
  10. Vetleep
    Simply Brilliant