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CJ Helix

These are pictures of the city of DNA the capitol city of Helix

  1. CraCkeR JaCk
    Helix the country of infinite possibilities, With DNA as it's capitol city that's located between the shadow of Mount Funkamonjaro and on the Bay of Tomorrow it offers it's residents a tranquil setting to live


    1. WIFMC.jpg
    2. DNA downtown 1.jpg
    3. Acid arch.jpg
    4. Aerial of DNA.jpg
    5. blue-skyslkh.jpg
    6. Deoxy and Ribon.jpg
    7. Deoxy street.jpg
    8. DNA downtown.jpg
    9. DNA financial district.jpg
    10. DNA high res d.jpg
    11. DNA mid town.jpg
    12. DNA nights.png
    13. DNA on the water.jpg
    14. DNA park at night.jpg
    15. DNA upt.jpg
    16. East park.jpg
    17. Elite living.jpg
    18. helix 26cvj.jpg
    19. Helix harbor visiter center.jpg
    20. Helix Harbor visitor center.jpg
    21. Helix M2 Rail.jpg
    22. Helix main monirail station.jpg
    23. Helix mc.jpg
    24. helix ol.jpg
    25. Helix tower.jpg
    26. Helix's DNA highway.jpg
    27. M Rail.jpg
    28. Main monorail staition.jpg
    29. Nucleic park.jpg
    30. old Helix mill.jpg
    31. Strolling DNA.jpg
    32. Traveling down the DNA Highway.jpg
    33. Upper east side Res1.jpg
    34. Helix sign_111.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bedingfield
    Very creative! Could you teach me how to build a sculpture or viewing pavilion like your photo19and20
  2. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Where did you get all of those landmarks? Some of those look awesome!
  3. Artmaster
    Very creative uses of buildings and landmarks!
  4. Inan
    You managed to implement that monorail in a spectacular way, i really like it. A pity it crashes my game...
    You have some very good close ups, for my taste a bit too much highrises and the picture quality is not the best, but i still can see some nice things as the coastline and the parks. Nice Job :-)
  5. Anonymous
  6. terence_30
    Creative landmark and excellent monorail system!
  7. chenchuan
    I just love it!
  8. Abbittibbi
    Very nice beginning. I like the monorail and the bridge very much. Street view pictures are very nice. Very original. Thank you for showing it. Keep building. Worth 4 stars at this early stage. I'd like to see more.