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CJ Hellano

Hellano, an European town

  1. Drazicdesign
    I see a lot of good things,
    I like the way the city has developed,
    Everything is not perfect, especially the bridge pillar that cuts the roads, but despite some imperfection, the city is very successful!
    Keep up the great work
  2. solo
    nicely put together, reminds me of my own style, that traffic map is scary though
  3. kipate
    Good job with the radial road layout, that makes it really look like the city has grown over time!

    Also, I like your style, you chose to not use that many highrises but instead focused on a compact lowrise city center.

    Nonetheless, there are several small things that I dislike:
    1) Try to avoid the duplication of images, it is a bit annoying to scroll through the images in search for new ones.
    2) Add some background story of your city, most of us like to read some small anecdotes regarding e.g. the history of a building/district/the whole city.
    3) I am not sure about the fields that are so close to the city. I would have put them farther outside, along the periphery. That precious area so close to the center usually is filled with old and new forms of suburban districts.
    4) I know it's hard to place bridges over a road without pillars appearing on the road below. But it's worth trying it always ;) :)
  4. Samuel Monteiro
    Samuel Monteiro
    Excellent. Beautifull
    1. ciro
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Samuel!
  5. lennon77
    Precioso trabajo. Me encanta tu red de autopistas y como has encajado edificios antiguos con modernos... Enhorabuena
    1. ciro
      Author's Response
      thanks a lot!