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CJ hiroma

Asian city

  1. toop
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    This city is a populous city as the cities of asia 90% of the aria and used for aria imobiliaria the few territories and for the same aricultura being a city without beautiful natural landscape has in its around the mountains that are around of the whole city

    River View

    Center view
    Central tower
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Recent Reviews

    Me as an Asian,haha not really sure which Asian city you were inspired by,nevertheless it looks nice to me ,try more Asian things next time would be cool ;)
  2. kipate
    I think it is a fine realisation of a Japanese city, well done! I like especially the district with the highrises, it looks well organized and admirable. My critique is about the oversimplification of the residential districts. Indeed, Japanese suburbs are often boring due to the same kind of buildings being built over and over again. But the suburbs also have kindergartens, schools, and playgrounds, not only residential buildings. So I do miss some more eye to the detail ;)