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CJ Holsenburgo

An european-like growed city

  1. fanattiq
    Holsenburgo has been growing up as any other European city. It has an old town with narrow streets and low buildings, an expansion district build up in the 19th century with well defined squared streets for bourgeoisie with typical housing of that time, and the new highways through which the expansion of financial districts and new suburbs for housing were build in the 20th century.

    Modern buildings were build up in the late 20th and in the 21st century and renovated some parts of the city, like the airport, the harbour, the technological district and more.

    Between the two major expansion areas of the city were build a big park, "Parque Central" which offers a good assortment in leisure to its citizens.

    There are two main highways that go into the city to the near old town (in the south) and a beltway that can be seen in the north. This beltway and both branches of the highway that pierce into the city plus the highway that connects the main harbour in the south form a real ring through all central city.

    Holsenburgo has been developing a new arrangement of suburbs in order to avoid traffic problems. In the meanwhile the population density has felt, and citizens living in Holsenburgo went down from 3.31M to 2.96M.
    General overview:

    The following picture is the main view of the east side, with the A91 highway penetrating the city:


    This is the 19th century developed suburb:

    A view of the technological area and other from the "Green Energy developing Center" in the other side of the city:

    The modern Financial District:
    General view to the south (Old town in the far end) with the Parque Central in the middle of the city.


    View of the old town and the old harbour:


    Old town:

    Residencial area, technological polygon and some farms.

    One of the little towns that were include during the expansion of the city.

    High class neighbourhood and port:

    Other little port with commercial area:

    Other partial views of the city:
    gamescreen0016.jpg gamescreen0017.jpg gamescreen0023.jpg


    1. gamescreen0023.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Pretty good. Pretty good.
  2. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    I really like this city, but your farms... For some reason, they creep me out. Do not mind me. I am weird. Anyway, I like your city!
  3. kipate
    Looks good, nice...
  4. Mrvoltura
    excellent planning,division between area and very unique styling and layout
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much. I will post more of my cities soon.
  5. RealCity
    Nice to see the whole map is finished, worth a 5 star. But you might wanna modify those little details like park and plazas to make ur city alive
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Yes, RealCity, I must finish that point in the next days, but with all the lag I have in this city, it will be very tedious. Some parks have seats and memorials, but most of them nothing at all.
  6. pauliaxz
    A lot of effort put here, but this doesn't look European even if there are some European style buildings.
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      You are right. This is an European city with an American growing.