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CJ Honolulu

dettagli in seguito

  1. Gioroman87
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    [/ATTACH] ] cxl_screenshot_honolulu_8.jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_12 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_13 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_18 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_19 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_20 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_22 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_28 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_29 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_32 (3).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_34 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_16 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_29 (4).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_23 (2).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_15 (3).jpg cxl_screenshot_honolulu_5 (2).jpg Ciao ragazzi. Questa e la mia prima città pubblica Ancora in costruzione DOPO pubblicare Nuove foto Più in dettaglio, MENTRE VI auguro Buona visione e Felice anno. PS vorrebbe Qualche Critica perchè sto cercando Di migliorare ... grazie a tutti i modder.
    Il prossimo aggiornamento si estenderà la Città Come un diario.[/SPOILER]

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Recent Reviews

  1. Followyourheart
    Amazing city but unfinished
    1. Gioroman87
      Author's Response
      I miss little details are important now just a taste
  2. kipate
    Hey, good start. I like many parts of your town. The simple highway interchanges look great. And your town has a nice road layout. Good job!

    What I dislike are is this overly complicated highway interchange. The idea is good, but the execution lacks patience. There are a lot of white parts showing.

    Also, there are sometimes bridge pillars on the roads below, that can be avoided, again with a bit of patience.

    And some of the districts in your city need a bit of decoration. For instance, the industrial zone looks a bit empty.

    But you are way better than I had been at the beginning of CX(X)L experiences, so I think you will improve quickly!
    1. Gioroman87
      Author's Response
      as I said everything is still under construction'm redoing some of things ... with a bit of patience :)
  3. fayeddd
    The town part is cool, i can see clearly you are consistent at choosing type of buildings. The highway and intersections are impressive.

    One thing that disturb me is those tall towers. i just feel those arent really fit in your city, but huh it is up to the creator :D
    finally seeing friend build their city on this map haha,good jobs with the RHM part,cant wait to see more updating :)
    1. Gioroman87
      Author's Response
      I almost finished the city but can not do the presentation. I can not do tags and spoilers in the city journals. You could give me a tutorial on how to use them and make a good presentation? Thanks XOUSTE. I'm sorry for the English are Italian.
  5. skullz613
    5 Stars for the RHM intersections!! That's something I'm still trying to master
    1. Gioroman87
      Author's Response
      Thanks Skulls613 really appreciate what you said. I hope that the work is finished you like everything else.sorry for my bad English